5 Small Home Garage Designs, Check Here!

5 Small Home Garage Designs, Check Here!

The garage is a part of the house that almost everyone has. Its main function is of course as a place to put private vehicles so as not to disturb other people. However, the existence of a garage requires more space so that it does not take up space and the size of the house can also be comfortably occupied by the family. What if your house is small? Is it still possible to have a small car garage at home? Do not worry, it turns out that this is not impossible. Examples of small house car garage design ideas here!

5 Small Home Car Garage Designs

The first car garage design at home is very simple and does not require large materials and land. Capable of accommodating up to two cars, this small home garage is suitable for those of you who are simple because judging by the main materials, this garage does not require extra difficult maintenance.

Second, even those of you who have a small house can imitate this garage concept. Indeed, it will cost more, because it requires the latest technology to build an underground garage to be precise, but by making an underground garage, the ground above will not be disturbed for the storage needs of the vehicles.

So, you can also make this small home car garage as an inspiration. Located under the residential roof, of course this garage will not occupy much land because the area is included in the functional area. Although it is under a roof, this small car garage can actually accommodate two cars at once.

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Similar to the first garage design, this small home garage is also very simple and practical. Only needing steel poles, this garage is enough as a place to store vehicles. The size is not too big, it can be filled only by one car.

Finally, there is a small house garage that is attached to the residence itself. Located on the basement floor, the garage can be clearly seen from the first floor of the house. In this way, no space is wasted or inefficient.

How? Have you found a small home garage design that fits your wants, needs and availability of funds? I hope this article can provide a suitable and suitable reference for you and your family. Good luck!