5 Simple and Affordable 12 Million Board House Inspirations

5 Simple and Affordable 12 Million Board House Inspirations

table house 12 million

For those of you who want to build a 12 million dollar house, take a look at a number of simple designs that you can use as inspiration. Approximately who are you interested in?

Building a table house of 12 million can be considered difficult to realize.

However, if done with proper planning, you can still do it cook to build it.

A log house is a house built with wood material that is usually made in a semi-permanent house model.

For a retirement home with certain specifications, the price of building a retirement home is quite expensive.

It’s just that, in fact, a retirement home can be built at an economic cost, here we go.

With a note, the house uses standard or substandard material.

In addition, the size and design of the house is also simple, which can be adapted to the existing budget.

So, what kind of model of a table house of 12 million can you make an inspiration?

Take a look at the picture below!

5 Inspiration for 12 Million Plank Houses

1. 7×9 Board House

table house 12 million

Source: youtube/goddess cornida

This is a 12 million board house design that measures 7×9 that you can use as inspiration.

If seen, this house looks big and beautiful, Property.

However, you can build a 7×9 house at an affordable price, as long as you use standard materials.

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For example, choose mediocre quality wood for walls and other cheap building materials.

Meanwhile, for the roof, it is recommended not to use tiles, because it will be quite expensive.

Keep in mind, the cost of making this wooden house does not include the land.

Therefore, make a home budget so that you do not make mistakes in budget planning.

2. House of Council

table house 12 million

Source: youtube/goddess cornida

If you already have limited land, this small table house can be built on it.

This guesthouse is really small and suitable to be a halfway house.

With a simple model, you can create this board house at a cost of Rp 12 million.

The key is to choose a standard material that doesn’t cost a lot of money to build.

In addition, the house of the plan must be built with a concept open space.

3. Beautiful Council House

table house 12 million

Source: djagadland.com

The next inspiration has a beautiful appearance, Property People.

This beautiful 2 story board house is built on a small piece of land.

Nahso that the construction costs are cheaper, use asbestos material for the roofs to reduce the budget.

If planned carefully, it is not impossible that the cost of making a house is Rp 10 million.

4. Simple Board House

Source: Pintukayujati.com

Unlike before, this house of 12 million boards was built on stilts.

This house is not too big in size so it is suitable to be used as a gazebo, Property People.

Although it is a stilt house, this simple wooden house can be built at an affordable price.

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It’s just that, choose ordinary wood materials and do not use clay tiles.

This is so that the budget does not swell, Property People.

5. Minimalist Plank House

Summary: youtube/kitakulastudio

Do you want to have a minimalist retirement home? You can, indeed!

This table house is really limited in size, but the design is very interesting.

The house is suitable as a house in the country that works as a stage, Property People.

If you are interested, you should use half board material and cabins on some of the walls.

This is to reduce costs according to the prepared budget.

Tips to build a house of 12 Million Plank

In building a house of 12 million board, you have to be careful and make careful calculations.

So, do a RAB for a board house so you can find out how much each material will cost.

In this way, the budget for the construction of a table house can be affordable and according to the budget, Property People.

Advice on the construction of cheap board houses should also be built with a semi-permanent model and choose standard construction materials.

In fact, another alternative is to use used materials such as used wood which is still good.

In addition, in the construction of this house, it is recommended to be built independently to make the design independent.

Another suggestion, do the construction of the table house in stages according to the budget you have.


It is the inspiration for the 12 million board house, Property People.

How, who cares for you, no?

Hope useful, yes.

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