5 Simple 3 bedroom house designs in Kampung, which one is your favorite?

5 Simple 3 bedroom house designs in Kampung, which one is your favorite?

simple design of 3 bedroom house in the village

Do you want to know the inspiration for a simple 3 bedroom house in the country to build a house? Find out more in this article!

The activity of designing a house is fun when you build a dream house.

You will usually look for inspiration for home design with the help of the internet, then try to apply one that is suitable for your individual needs.

For example, a family with two children must at least provide three rooms for occupancy. One room for the parents, two more for the children.

You can contact an architect to design a house with three bedrooms. However, not everyone has relationships or costsrent architect services.

Even so, you don’t need to worry, because www.lacrymosemedia.com has collected many examples of simple 3-room house designs in villages that can be your inspiration.

The design is also very interesting, and it is very possible for you to imitate it and modify it according to your needs. Here is an example of the plan!

5 Simple 3 Bedroom Village House Designs

1. Simple House Design with 3 Rows of Rooms

3 bedroom parallel house design

Source: home-designing.com

The territory of your house in the country is large enough and you do not have a design reference?

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You can apply a simple house plan with 3 rooms in a row in the back of the house.

In general, these three rooms are relatively the same. The difference is that there is a room that has a bathroom and a door to the rear terrace of the house.

While the other two rooms are only furnished with fairly wide windows.

2. Plan of the House with 3 Bedrooms at the End of the Building

house plans with three bedrooms

Source: tuko.akamaized.net

Limited land is not an obstacle to design a 3 bedroom residence.

You just need to be strategic to maximize the concept open space from the living room to the kitchen.

The living room to the kitchen is located in the middle area which is connected directly to the main door.

While the bedroom is at the end of the building that is insulated by a bathroom. For more details, see the plan above!

3. 3 bedroom house in the village with uniform lighting

3 bedroom house with uniform light

Source: jbsolis.com

The village area is still a minimum of multi-storey buildings. This provides an advantage because you can get the sun all the time.

So this 3 bedroom house design is suitable for the application.

Each room has large windows to capture sunlight and air circulation.

Designs like this make the house, especially the room not stuffy and humid.

4. 3 bedroom house with extended land

3 bedroom house with extended ground floor

Source: jbsolis.com

Is your land form elongated? You can apply this 3 bedroom house plan.

The room is designed with a size that is not too big, placed separately or tends to spread.

So, it should also be noted that a building with an elongated design will create a corridor.

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Therefore, a point of light is needed in the corridor area. For more details, see the 3D floor plan image above.

5. Modern 3 bedroom house design

Modern 3 bedroom house design in kampung

Source: biznakenya.com

Also, the design of a 3-room house in a village inspired by urban housing with a modern concept.

Each member of the family was pampered with their own bathroom and toilet.

In fact, television can also be presented in the bedroom. The design can certainly make family members more comfortable to rest at home.


Nahwhich is a collection of examples of simple 3 bedroom house designs in the country.

I hope this inspires you, Property!

You can find more home design inspiration through articles.www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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