5 Recommended Kitchen Tool Sets You Must Have

5 Recommended Kitchen Tool Sets You Must Have

modern kitchen utensil set

To make the cooking experience more practical, there are several recommended kitchen utensils that you can choose from. Of course, this kitchen utensil set is even cheaper than buying it separately.

Don’t worry, the kitchen utensil set is also made of different materials, including wood, nylon and stainless steel. Well, each of these materials have their advantages.

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The most important thing is to choose a set of quality kitchen utensils food quality and heat resistant. Therefore, we can also cook more safely and healthily.

The best kitchen tool set recommended

Well, for those of you who like to cook, we have some recommendations for kitchen utensil sets that you can use as references, such as the following.

1. Cookware Set with Container

In addition to being equipped with various types of kitchen utensils, such as spatulas, kitchen spoons and food tongs, you can also get a set of kitchen utensils with holder or storage containers.

So, you don’t need to search when you want to use it and also save storage space. Choose a set of cutting boards with a container made of silicone so as not to break easily, like this recommendation for Rp 204 thousand.

cutlery set
Ataru Set of 9 silicone tableware – green

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2. Cookware Set with Stand

This kitchen utensil set uses a permanent container which can be rotated. Thus, it will be easier for you when you pick up the kitchen utensils that you want to use.

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This kind of kitchen utensil set is made stainless steel and you can buy it for Rp 359 thousand.

Kitchen utensil set advice
Kris Set of 6 Tableware with Stand

Check it out here

3. Wooden kitchen utensil set

Although it seems traditional, wooden kitchen utensils are widely used because they are resistant to heat and antibacterial. Wooden cooking utensils also do not damage the surface of pots and pans due to their blunt edges.

The following tips for this wooden kitchen utensil set you can buy for only Rp 105 thousand.

wooden kitchen utensils
Appetite Nara Set of 6 kitchen utensils

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4. Nylon Cookware Set

One of the safest plastic kitchen utensils for you to use is that made of nylon. Usually, this type of cookware has a minimalist design that is heat resistant and non-toxic.

The following is a recommendation for a set of nylon kitchen utensils for Rp 99 thousand.

nylon tableware
Taren Set of 6 nylon tableware with stand

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kitchen utensils
Alat Masak Tancy 6 Piece Kitchen Color Set

Check it out here

5. Cookware Set with Knife

Knives are one of the kitchen tools for cutting different types of cooking ingredients. There are many types of knives with their respective uses, such as butcher knives, chef knives, multipurpose knives, etc.

You can get a complete set of kitchen utensils with knives for only 479 thousand IDR.

kitchen utensils with knives
Harold kitchen color 7 piece kitchen knife and tool set

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Well, these are some tips for kitchen utensil sets that you should have in your kitchen. You can get these products on siteruparupa.com online shopping.

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