5 Reasons for the Importance of Art in Interior Design

5 Reasons for the Importance of Art in Interior Design

According to Ki Hajar Dewantara, art is all things or human actions that arise from the feelings that are alive and beautiful in nature to be able to move the soul of other human feelings. So what is the role of art in interior design?

Art certainly plays an important role in the world of interior design. It can be seen from its purpose, the interior design is used to improve the function, add aesthetic value, and improve the psychological aspect of a room. Coupled with values ​​in interior design that always prioritize beauty.

In interior design, everything that makes a home more beautiful can be categorized as a work of art. In general, works of art in interior design can be in the form of paintings, photographs and sculptures. To understand more about the importance of art in the interior, here is the discussion.

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The importance of art in interior design

Art has a very important role in interior design because it can give a room a character and a unique feeling. Some important things in interior design are the following:

1. Create a focal point

Every room needs a focal point and art is the best choice. As a focal point, a work of art placed in a room should be able to attract the attention of everyone who visits the room.

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Therefore, the size and position of the artwork to be selected must be carefully considered. Usually, designers choose a fairly large piece of art and place it at eye level. Adding lighting to artwork can also help make it a major focal point in the room.

2. It complements the existing design aesthetic

A room has its own design aesthetic and can be a work of art finishing element. Placing artwork that fits into the overall design will make the room look more unified and alive. For example, you can add works of art in the form of wooden sculptures to a Scandinavian-style living room.

The use of art in the interior can really be an important finishing element to enhance the appearance of a room. As mentioned before, each room has different design and aesthetic characteristics. Therefore, choosing the right piece of art for a particular room is very important.

3. Become a model for the color palette

Choosing the right color palette for a room is often a difficult decision and art can be the answer. Look for works of art in the form of paintings or other wall hangings that you like. In this way, your chosen artwork can be a reference or inspiration for the color palette of your room.

4. It builds emotions

Different types of works of art such as paintings or photographs can evoke different types of emotions. You can create emotions or mood in a room by choosing the appropriate artwork.

For example, choose artwork in pastel colors or faded colors to create intimate mood internal Meanwhile, to create a lively and vibrant atmosphere in a room, you can choose artwork with bold and bright colors.

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5. Reflect identity

The different works of art in the house can be said to be half of its inhabitants. Of course, you will put artwork according to what you like. In this way, the artwork will indirectly reflect your identity and personality.

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