5 quick and practical tips to overcome slippery bathrooms

5 quick and practical tips to overcome slippery bathrooms

tips so that the bathroom is not slippery

Slippery bathroom floors are very dangerous because they can cause serious injuries if you slip. Especially if you have small children at home who like to run. Of course, we need to clean up soon bathroom tiles from the ground

Usually, a bathroom with a slippery floor is due to the presence of moss. You see, moss easily appears when the floor is too wet.

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So, how to make the bathroom floor non-slippery?

To answer your curiosity, we have summarized several solutions that you can apply so that the bathroom floor is not easily slippery, such as the following.

1. Brush the bathroom floor regularly

One way to get rid of moss on the bathroom floor is to clean it regularly, at least once a week. In addition to the moss, this method can also prevent the growth of mold on the bathroom floor.

Well, you can scrub the bathroom floor with a special cleaning fluid and a brush so that the bathroom is free of bacteria.

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2. Clean the rest of the soap after the bath

The bathroom floor will be easily slippery because of the soap we use when bathing. Therefore, make sure to immediately clean the rest of the soap and shampoo after the bath.

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You can wash the floor with clean water until the soap residue is completely gone.

3. Make sure the water channel is not blocked

Clogged drains can prevent the bathroom floor from drying. Usually, this can be due to the presence of residual deposits of soap and shampoo, as well as piles of hair loss that are not cleaned.

To overcome this, you can use a drain cleaning fluid that is safe to use, like our recommendations below.

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4. Sprinkle Salt Solution on the Floor

Apparently, salt can also prevent the bathroom floor from being slippery. You see, the salt content can make the dish so rough. This will make it easier for us to move without fear of slipping or falling.

You can mix the salt with hot water, then pour it on the floor. Then, brush the floor clean and dry.

5. Use Mop to absorb the water

The next way to make the bathroom floor dry quickly is to use a special mop that has high absorption. You can dry the bathroom with this mop.

Well, we have a recommendation winged by that absorbs water, namely from Satto. This product has a high water absorption capacity to dry wet floors. The foam part is also easy to squeeze and can be rotated 90 degrees.

tips so that the bathroom is not slippery
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6. Replace the floor with an anti-slip

The next way so that the bathroom is not slippery is to replace the bathroom tiles with ceramic types that are not easily crusty and have a rough texture. For example, ceramics made from matt or granite that dries even faster.

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7. Use a Foot Mat

The last way is to wear a foot mat around bathroom or out the door shower So, we will not skid due to water drops on the floor. You can use an anti-slip mat or a rubber mat.

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Here are some guidelines so that the bathroom is not slippery and safe for family members. You can get all the above products from ACE through the site shopping online www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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