5 practical ways to organize your workbench

5 practical ways to organize your workbench

how to tidy up your desk

Many people think that work ethic stems from a pleasant environment. In fact, the comfort of work is also influenced by the support facilities and equipment, you know.

Well, one of the office equipment that plays an important role in this is work desk. Indeed, a functional and ergonomic desk can increase work productivity. Also, if the table is clean and tidy.

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Unfortunately, many people are still less concerned about cleanliness on the table. In fact, a messy work desk can make us lose focus, and it can make it difficult for us to find articles and documents.

So, how do you easily organize your desk?

If you often leave your desk in a mess, go ahead, follow these practical ways to clean your desk.

1. Do routine cleaning

Once a week, take the time to clean your desk. First, remove everything that is on the table. Then, clean the table from dust and dirt with a duster and a cleaning cloth.

Before putting it back office tools on the table, throw away equipment that can no longer be used, such as used paper, dirty glasses, etc.

clean the desk
Clean the workbench from dust and dirt with a cleaning cloth.

2. Pay attention to the layout of office equipment

The arrangement of office equipment on the work desk should also be considered. You can put a shelf on the side of the table to store important documents and notes. Then, they also prepare the stationery on the table so that it is easy to reach.

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For old documents, keep them all in a cabinet so they don’t get mixed up with new documents.

organize work equipment
Place office equipment within reach.

3. Clean up the scattered cables

Scattered monitor cables are certainly annoying and unsightly. To overcome this, you can use a cable tie and put all the cables neatly in one place.

To avoid confusion, you can add a label to each cable and give it a name. Here are some tips for quality cables that are safe for cables.

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4. Use Monitor Stand

Using a monitor stand can make the desk area more spacious. So, you can use this extra space to put important things like notebooks.

In addition, the use of a monitor buffer can also maintain vision and posture during work, you know.

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5. Digitize Documents

Stacked files can make your desk look cluttered. Therefore, you can scan documents and make them in digital form. Then, save the document by category year, month, and other names to make it easy to find.

digitize work documents
Digitize documents to save paper and storage.

Well, this is an easy way to tidy up your desk. By following the method above, you can work more comfortably without being distracted by a messy desk.

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