5 practical ways to make your sofa more comfortable

5 practical ways to make your sofa more comfortable

comfortable sofa

Sitting relaxed on the sofa while watching your favorite shows is fun. Also, if the sofa is nice, warm and big enough to fit many people.

Perhaps, many of us think that a comfortable and beautiful sofa only applies to new sofas. In fact, the old sofa can still be felt cozy with the right accessories and style, you know.

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So, how to make a sofa more comfortable?

If you have a sofa that is old enough, you don’t need to worry. You can always restore comfort by doing the following methods.

1. Place a Comfortable Sofa Cushion

Informa 45x45 Cm Fuzzy Sofa Pillow Faux Fur - Gray A sofa pillow with fur that is comfortable and soft against the skin.
Informa 45×45 Cm Fuzzy Faux Fur Sofa Cushions – Grey
Sofa cushions with feathers that are comfortable and soft against the skin.

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Not only as a decoration, sofa cushions can also make a seat more comfortable. The important thing is to choose soft and soft sofa cushions. So, you can use it for cuddling or as a headrest while sleeping on the sofa.

2. Add Sitting Pillows

gray chair cushion
Arthome Checker Seat Cover Cushion – Gray
Comfortable sitting cushion to maintain the anatomy of the bones.

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pink chair cushion
Cushion Seat Cover 60x60x12.5 Cm Chelsea – Pink
Sitting cushions with smooth surfaces are practically taken everywhere.

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If your sofa feels less soft, you can add a seat cushion to increase the comfort. To make it durable and not easily torn, choose a seat cushion made of polyester.

3. Add a warm blanket

comfortable sofa covers
Blanket 150×200 Cm Lousvart Rose – Pink
A polyester blanket warm and comfortable when in use.

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To give a warm impression on the sofa, also add a blanket with a soft texture. This blanket will certainly make you feel at home sitting on the sofa for a long time. You can also use this blanket to cover your face while watching horror movies.

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4. Install the Sofa Cover

comfortable sofa cover
Cover Sofa Protector 160×245 Cm 3 Seat Reversible – Green
Protect the sofa from the ground with a waterproof mat.

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Sofa covers can protect and extend the life of the sofa. However, use the size of the slipcover with the width of the sofa. To make it more beautiful, you can use a sofa cover with an attractive design.

Meanwhile, if you want to cover the ground, you can choose dark colored sofa covers, such as black, dark gray and brown.

5. Cleaning the Sofa Routine

clean comfortable sofa
Clean the sofa once a month to keep it comfortable and durable.

To prevent dirt from accumulating and making you uncomfortable, you also have to be diligent clean the sofa at least once a month. You can wear it vacuum cleaner or a duster to clean the dust that sticks.

If there is a stain left on the sofa, you can gently brush it with soapy water. Then, dry the sofa so that it does not smell damp.

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