5 Powerful Tips for Caring for White Furniture to Make It Look Like New

5 Powerful Tips for Caring for White Furniture to Make It Look Like New

white furniture

Furniture The white color makes the room elegant and beautiful. In addition, we can combine with many colors of furniture, from black, yellow, to brown.

In addition, white is also a color that without time or it will not be out of date. In general, white furniture is often used minimalist interior designmodern, and scandinavian.

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However, have furniture white needs special care so that the color is not easily dull and durable in use.

So, how to care for white furniture to last?

Well, to answer your confusion, this time we have some care tips minimalist furniture all white you have at home.

1. Place it away from direct sunlight

Put her down furniture white, such as cabinets, tables, shelves, and so on, in areas not exposed to direct sunlight. You see, sunlight can change the white color to yellow and dull.

If you want to place it near a window, try installing heavy curtains or curtains.

white furniture
Place white furniture in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight

2. Use the White Sofa Cover

The white sofa makes the room look spacious, neat and clean. However, the color is prone to stains and adhering dust. Well, you can keep the color of the sofa by installing a protective cover, especially if it is not in use.

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Here are some tips for sofa protectors that you can use.

white furniture
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3. Use Lint roller for cleaning carpets and sofas

Lint roller is a tool used to lift fine dust, hair and pet hair from carpets and sofas. You can use it lint roller for 5 minutes every day. Here is a recommendation lint roller that you can use.

white furniture
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4. Immediately Clean Sticky Stains

Immediately clean the stains that stick to the furniture white color You see, the longer you clean it, the harder it is to remove the stain because it will seep inside.

Just wipe with a cloth microfiber gently moisten the surface of the stained furniture. Then, wipe again with a dry cloth. You can also apply this technique to remove fingerprints on the furniture.

white furniture
Clean as soon as possible if there are stains on white furniture

5. Wash the white cloth separately

Be sure to wash white sheets or blankets separately from other colored textile materials. This can prevent fading that makes the fabric dull.

white furniture
Wash white sheets or fabrics separately from other colors

6. Create a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Of course, you also need to prepare a schedule for cleaning all the furniture regularly once a month. Thus, various dirt and dust do not stay for a long time, and reduce the risk of mold.

In this way, the quality of the furniture is maintained, it can extend its service life, and it looks new.

white furniture
White furniture should be cleaned regularly

Well, there are some ways you can take care of white furniture.

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