5 positive things when you sleep for 8 hours, anything?

5 positive things when you sleep for 8 hours, anything?

lacrymosemedia.com – Sleep is one of the human biological periods that should not be missed. Lack of sleep will be bad for the health of the body, especially in the long run.

According to a 2018 study of 10,000 people, if you don’t sleep seven to eight hours a night, the body’s ability to function decreases. Experts find that verbal or general abilities will decrease.

Getting enough eight hours of sleep is often overlooked by many people. Although everyone needs enough sleep. Everyone needs at least eight hours of sleep to maintain good health. In fact, what is the benefit of sleeping for eight hours?

More Optimal Brain Intelligence

If you get enough sleep, brain functions can function optimally because the cognitive function of the brain, which works with learning and remembering during sleep, has enough time to maintain it.

Happy feeling

Getting enough sleep also affects how you feel. If you get enough sleep, you start the day with a fresh state and activities are enjoyable. Meanwhile, when you’re sleep-deprived, it can result in fatigue and it’s easier to get stressed.

Build Endurance

When you sleep, the immune system will release cytokines, which are components that protect the immune system. If you get enough sleep, this component will work properly.

Avoid dinner

If you are sleep deprived, there will usually be evening activities to fill the boredom, such as dinner. Eating in the middle of the night can result in poor appetite control, which can lead to weight gain

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Maintain Heart Health

Getting enough sleep can help prevent heart disease. Each organ of the body has its role at a certain time. Therefore, adequate sleep can determine when each organ of the body works and when each organ rests.(ocean/wool/eco/d2)