5 Popular Japanese Board Game Recommendations

5 Popular Japanese Board Game Recommendations

Japanese cartoon toys

In addition to delicious food, Japan also has a variety of interesting and popular cartoons that are loved by many people. Japanese cardboard toys are also often the target of collectors, you know.

Not only as entertainment, you can buy various Japanese cartoon toys to be displayed or decorated. Of course, this collection can beautify wall shelves, study tables and bedroom closets.

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Are you interested in buying cool toys from various Japanese cartoon series? First, you need to know some popular Japanese cartoons.

The best Japanese board game tips

This time, we already have a list of the best Japanese cartoon toys that can be a collection for you.

1. Pokemon

Pikachu is one of the characters of the Japanese cartoon called Pokémon. Not only are they made in the form of movies, Pokemon are also present in games offline and online.

In fact, some time ago the game Pokemon Go was viral in different parts of the world. This is what makes many people willing to walk while looking for Pokemon.

If fit offline, The game that is still a favorite today is the Pokemon Trading Card or often called the Pokemon Card. Many different collections pokemon card types, such as the following.

Card Pokemon Starter Deck Scb1
Card Pokemon Starter Deck Scb1

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Pokemon Card Starter Deck Scd
Pokemon Card Starter Deck Scd

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It’s not just cards, Pokemon are also in miniature form. You can make Pokemon miniatures as decorations on a study table or a wall, like the following.

Japanese Cardboard Toys Keeppley Toys Bricks Pokemon Blastoise
Keeppley Mainan Bricks Pokemon Blastoise

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Japanese Cartoon Toy Keeppley Poke Ball Figure Pikachu
Keeppley Poke Ball Figure Pikachu

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2. Doraemon

Doraemon, of course, has colored our lives since childhood. SThe blue cat robots also come in different forms of cute and interesting toys.

You can find miniatures of every character in the Doraemon series, from Nobita, Shizuka, to Doraemon himself. Because of their love for Doraemon, many people like to decorate their rooms with this Japanese cartoon theme.

Here are the tips for miniature Doraemon toys that you can put in your bedroom.

Japanese Cardboard Toys Keeppley Toys Bricks Doraemon Time Machine
Keeppley Mainan Bricks Doraemon Time Machine

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Japanese Cardboard Toys Keeppley Toys Bricks Doraemon Nobita Room
Keepplay Mainan Bricks Doraemon Nobita Room

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3. Detective Conan

Detective Conan is an animated film series that features detective stories to solve a problem. you can bRemove Detective Conan miniatures to decorate study tables, bedroom shelves, and nightstands.

Here are some recommendations for Detective Conan games that you can buy.

Japanese Cartoon Toy Keeppley Detective Conan Figure - Kaito Kid
Keeppley Detective Conan – Kaito Kid Figure

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Keeppley Detective Conan Japanese Cardboard Toy - Sakura Appreciation Set
Keeppley Detective Conan – Sakura Appreciation Set

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4. Super Mario Bros

The next Japanese cartoon game that has always been a favorite of many people is Super Mario Bros. This cartoon is the most famous in many Nintendo games, such as Mario Hoops 3 on 3, Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D World Day.

Not only in digital form, you can also find this Japanese cartoon toy in games like the following.

Japanese Cartoon Toys LEGO® Super Mario Adv W Mario Starter Course
LEGO® Super Mario Adv W Mario Starter Course

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Epoch Spa Super Mario Maze Dx Temg73710
Epoch Spa Super Mario Maze Dx Temg73710

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5. Gundam

Did you know that in Japan there is a giant statue of Gundam. Naturally, because this Japanese cartoon toy is in great demand by all ages.

Gundam is a disassembly toy action figure. When you buy it, you get attribute parts and must be assembled to form a specific Gundam character.

Well, Gundam also has several types that determine the difficulty level, such as SD (super deformed), HG (high degree), RG (true degree), MG (master’s degree), and PG (perfect degree).

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Japanese cardboard Gundam toy
Source: unsplash.com

Here are some tips for Japanese cardboard toys that you can buy. So, I want to do as collectible toys, no?

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