5 natural ways to overcome anosmia during Covid-19

5 natural ways to overcome anosmia during Covid-19

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We are indeed in the recovery period after the coronavirus pandemic. However, this virus continues to mutate. It is not surprising the positive cases Covid-19 continues to grow.

Usually, the symptoms suffered by Covid-19 patients are quite different, from fever, cough and nasal discharge, to colds.

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However, one of the most common is the loss of the sense of smell or anosmia. Generally, anosmia is caused by swelling and blockage in the nasal cavities.

In addition to reducing appetite, anosmia also makes us unable to feel well. However, anosmia when exposed to COVID-19 can also be cured.

So, how to overcome anosmia when positive for COVID-19?

Here are some natural ways to treat anosmia that you can do at home.

1. Practice kissing fragrances

The first way you can do it is to train your sense of smell every day. Prepare a set of fragrances, such as eucalyptus oil and essential oils.

Then, inhale the fragrance 2-3 times every day to stimulate your sense of smell. We have some recommendations for essential oils that you can use to treat anosmia.

essential oil for anosmia
Breathe in the simmering Lemongrass aromatherapy oil
Essential oil with lemon fragrance to help overcome anosmia.

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essential oil for anosmia
Breathe Wild Roses Oil for Aromatherapy 10 Ml
Oil with the smell of roses can be inhaled and put in a diffuser.

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2. Clean the inside of the nose

Depending on the site National Health Service (nhs.uk), you can clean the inside of the nose with a saline solution. You can buy this saline solution at the nearest pharmacy.

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3. Overcome anosmia with ginger tea

Ginger tea can also relieve inflammation and reduce the formation of excess mucus that clogs the airways. You can consume packaged ginger tea or make it at home.

As mentioned by healthline.com, You can also use ginger tea to train your sense of smell because it has a very distinctive aroma.

4. Overcoming Anosmia with Castor Oil

Castor oil is often used as a natural remedy for anosmia. The ricinoleic acid content in it can reduce infection, inflammation and inflammation in the airways.

Do this by heating the castor oil first. Then, put drops of castor oil near your nostrils 2 times a day, when you wake up and before you go to bed.

5. Using garlic

Like castor oil, garlic also contains ricinoleic acid. To treat anosmia, chop about 4-5 cloves of garlic and put them in boiling water. Leave for 2 minutes and also add a pinch of salt.

After that, drink the solution while it is still warm 2 times a day.

how to deal with anosmia
Drink onion tincture to treat anosmia.

Well, this is a natural way to treat anosmia. If the above steps did not work, visit a doctor immediately for a consultation.

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