5 multifunctional table models for studio apartments

5 multifunctional table models for studio apartments

multifunctional dining table

Indeed, when choose a dining table For a studio apartment, we have to take into account many things, from the size, the design, to the shape of the dining table. In addition, the dining table is an important piece of furniture in an apartment that has limited space.

In addition to being used for eating dishes, the dining table can also function as a place to sit to relax and work. However, finding the right dining table is not as difficult as we imagine, you know.

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In addition, there are now many table models that apply a minimalist and multifunctional concept. Thus, you can adjust the model of the dining table according to your needs.

So, what kind of multifunctional table model is suitable for apartments?

Well, we have several recommendations for multifunctional table models that can be used in studio apartments. Check the following.

1. Folding Dining Table

As the name suggests, this dining table can be folded when not in use. Not only for eating, this table is quite versatile because you can use it to work, study and hang out with relatives.

Clean the table regularly so that no dirt accumulates between the folds.

folding dining table
Lexi 2 Folding Bench Dining Table – Chocolate
Multifunctional folding dining table set with a minimalist design.

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multifunctional folding dining table
Selma Lazio 2 Chairs Multipurpose Folding Table
This folding table is practical and suitable for tight spaces.

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2. Dining table Extensible

Dining table extendable it has a feature that you can extend both sides of the dining table as needed. Then, when guests and relatives come, you can extend the dining table to fit more people.

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multifunctional extendable dining table
Hulla extendable dining table – white
Dining table with a modern design and can be extended.

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3. Dining Table with Storage

The conservation of cutlery to kitchen shelves often takes up space. Therefore, you can choose a dining table that is equipped with additional shelves and drawers.

In addition to eating and drinking utensils, you can also store snacks and other food ingredients, such as jam, coffee, tea and so on.

multifunctional dining table with storage
Pristine Dining Table Set 4 Stools – Brown/White
When not in use, the bench can be inserted into the table to save space.

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multifunctional dining table with shelves
Smith Dining Table Set 2 Stools – White
Minimalist dining table equipped with benches and storage shelves.

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4. Cabinet with Dining Table

Not only in the form of a table, there is also a multi-purpose cabinet equipped with a table and dining chairs at time So, you don’t need to buy two different pieces of furniture that can take up space.

In general, this model consists of a wardrobe that has a large storage capacity and a table that can be folded. So, you can also store the bench on the side of the closet when it is not in use.

wardrobe with multifunctional dining table
Pragya multifunction kitchen cabinet – Gray
Kitchen cabinets with glass doors and a folding dining table.

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5. Trolley Dining Table

Have you ever seen a kitchen cart that looks like a table? Well, you can also use the furniture as a dining table, you know.

Kitchen carts are usually equipped with wheels, so you can slide them anywhere with ease. So, when friends and relatives come, you can serve and deliver the dishes with a trolley.

dining table multifunctional cart
Filbert kitchen trolley – white
Kitchen cart to deliver and serve food. You can use it as a dining table when needed.

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Well, this is a multifunctional table model that you can use in the apartment. You can also find a minimalist dining table for other small rooms just across www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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Go find your favorite minimalist table. #Starting from a tidy house we can start the day well.