5 Minimalist Wooden Shelf Decorations to Beautify Living Rooms

5 Minimalist Wooden Shelf Decorations to Beautify Living Rooms

wooden shelf decor

home decor it can beautify and give the appearance of the room aesthetic. In fact, we can create a certain style of room by choosing the right decoration.

However, when we talk about home decoration, maybe we only think about wall decoration. In fact, there are many pieces of furniture that can be a place to put decorations. One of them is above the shelves and cupboards.

Various Banners

In addition to its function to store things, we can make shelves as a place to put decorations. In addition, we use a minimalist wooden shelf that has a modern model as the inspiration below.

shelf decoration
Beautify the look of wooden shelves by displaying different decorations.

So, what are the appropriate home decorations to display on wooden shelves?

Instead of being confused about the choice, we have prepared several recommendations of products that can be used as decorations on the shelves.

1. Photo Frame Shelf Decoration

Photo frames serve to save memorable moments with friends and family. Today, you can find many photo frames that have unique designs, from collage frames to frames with square animal

If you want to display a photo frame on a wooden shelf, choose a frame with matching colors. Then, put a big square in the middle.

photo frame decoration
Arthome 4r Butterfly Photo Frame – White
Frame with stainless steel material so it is not easy to break.

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photo frame shelf decor
Arthome Set 4r 2 Pcs Photo Frame – Black / White
Set of 2 photo frames with a unique and minimalist design.

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2. Flower vase

Vase of flowers is the most common decoration that can be placed on the shelf. To make it look more beautiful, choose a vase with a unique pattern, like our tips below.

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Not only to keep the flowers, you can also put a green leaf to make it more beautiful.

decoration of flower pots
Vase Keramik 24 Cm Set 3 Pcs Sully Mix Trio
Ceramic flower pot with base plate to beautify the house.

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flower pot
Glass vase 26.5 cm Roseta 01 glossy – red
Versatile glass vases can be used for plants or decorative stones.

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3. Ornamental plants

In addition to flowers, you can also see artificial ornamental plants on wooden shelves. In addition, there are many artificial plants with beautiful shapes and colors that are equipped with unique pots, such as the following.

shelf of ornamental plants
Arthome Agave Artificial Plant – Green
Artificial ornamental plants with beautiful pots for shelf decoration.

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artificial plant decoration
Arthome Kalanchoe Artificial Plant with Pot
Ornamental plants that give a fresh feeling to the room.

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4. Beautiful Glass

Who said glass has to be kept in a cupboard all the time? In fact, you can put the glasses on a shelf as a decoration, you know.

Choose a nice glass set that comes with a table or a small shelf so you can put it in order, like the following.

glass shelf decor with table
Appetite 1.6 Ltr Set of 6 Pcs Teapot and Glass with Tray
Glass from heat resistant borosilicate glass.

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glass with shelf
Krishome 180 Ml Set of 6 Glasses with Rack
Beautiful glass set with shelves suitable for everyday use.

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5. Action figure

You are a lover Marvel? Or like the character Star Wars? Either way, you can display a collection of figures of famous movie characters on a wooden shelf.

When you are afraid action figure damaged, you can store it in a glass case before you see it. The most important thing is that you have to be diligent in cleaning action figure to prevent soil from sticking.

Well, we also have some tips action figure from famous movies, such as the following.

star wars figure
Star Wars Goa E9 E3016 Action Figure
A collection of durable and realistic Star Wars figures.

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wonderful figure decoration
Marvel Action Figure Titan Hero Movie E3308
Marvel figures made of quality plastic and can be moved.

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By displaying the above decorations, your wooden shelves are guaranteed to look more alive and attractive. You can visit www.lacrymosemedia.com to get other decorations to sweeten the look of the house.

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Go ahead, make the whole room more beautiful and comfortable with different decorations aesthetic because of everyone #LeavingHome