5 minimalist tv room design ideas

5 minimalist tv room design ideas

Have you tried a minimalist TV room design? In a home, the TV room is often the most essential place. The TV room is a place where you and your family can spend time together chatting, not just watching TV. Therefore, the comfort of the TV room in the house is important to note.

To create a comfortable TV room, you need the right design and decor. The TV room with a minimalist design concept is popular because it is simple, but it can provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere, and it can make the room seem larger. Here are 5 minimalist TV room design ideas that you can try to apply:

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5 minimalist tv room design ideas

For a minimalist TV room design, here are some tips that can help:

1. Dominate neutral colors

The minimalist design style is known for its neutral colors such as white, gray, black and brown. These neutral colors are believed to add a calm, peaceful and comfortable impression to make the room appear larger.

To create a minimal design for the TV room, you can add a touch of neutral colors in it. However, now the colors in a minimalist design are not only neutral colors, you can also add soft pastel colors, such as Scandi pink, mint, sage green tints, taupes to storm blues.

2. Sofa or no sofa

To be able to gather and share stories with your family in the TV room, of course you need a comfortable sofa. You can put a long L-shaped sofa or a multifunctional bed, depending on the size of the TV room. If your TV room is not that wide, you can replace the sofa with a floor cushion or a bean bag.

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3. vegetable

Bring nature into your TV room by adding some greenery. Green plants are believed to enliven a room and give a fresh and comfortable impression.

Choose green plants that are suitable to be placed at home, for example, plants that can absorb toxins and clean the air such as philodendrons, peace lilies, mother-in-law’s tongue to rubber plants. In addition to creating a minimalist concept in the TV room, these plants are also beneficial for health.

4. Wood accents

The next step in creating a minimalist TV room design is to add wood accents. You can use wooden floors, wooden furniture, or other wooden decorations. The combination of wood accents and neutral colors typical of the minimalist style create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your TV room.

5. Minimalist decor

The last touch you can add to the TV room is to put a minimalist decor. This minimalist decoration can be in the form of geometric displays, pictures or paintings, bookshelves, ceramics or handmade ceramics.

Here are 5 minimalist TV room design ideas that you can try to create a comfortable meeting place with your family. Make your dream home come true at Gardens at Candi Sawangan.

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