5 minimalist bedroom design inspirations

5 minimalist bedroom design inspirations

As a place to rest to relax after work and perform daily activities, of course, the bedroom should be a comfortable place. Especially for the millennial generation with high mobility.

One way to make a room more comfortable is to pay attention to the interior design. In addition to the beauty of the room, applying the right interior design can make the quality of your rest better.

Here is a minimalist bedroom interior design inspiration that you can try to apply:

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5 minimalist bedroom design inspirations

1. Bohemian wing

Are you someone who is expressive and likes artistic things? A minimalist bohemian style bedroom design might be right for you. This bohemian style design or also known as boho is inspired by the nomadic lifestyle with a free lifestyle.

The choice of color for this bohemian-style room is really free, but it is identical to natural colors, such as white, brown and cream. Bohemian style uses a lot of fabric with printed motifs artistic, usually on cushions, carpets and curtains.

The bedroom of the bohemian style is also thick with natural elements, such as the use of wooden furniture and decorations in the form of ornamental plants with broad leaves.

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2. Minimalist room design Lower Korea

For those of you who enjoy watching Korean dramas and movies, you must be familiar with the camera’s simple but aesthetic design. This Korean style bedroom is now popular and has inspired many people.

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The interior design of this room in Korean style is synonymous with the use of low furniture, such as mattresses that are directly attached to the floor or low tables and chairs. For color, Korean-style rooms often combine white, tone of the earthand soft pastel. Add simple decorations, such as wallpaper in the form of paintings, potted plants and standing mirrors.

3. Industrial wing

Industrial style bedroom interior design can be your next choice. This industrial style is generally known for its elegant appearance exposed above. That is, structures and building materials such as brick, concrete or wood are deliberately shown.

The use of color in this industrial design is dominated by monochrome and tone of the earth. The furniture used in this industrial design is usually attached to the presence of wood, metal or metal elements.

To complete your industrial style room design, add decorations or ornaments made of used products.

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4. Scandinavian wing

The next inspiration is one of the most popular, Scandinavian style bedroom interior designs. This style is very popular because it looks simple, bright and clean.

Neutral colors such as white, gray, blue and light brown dominate in this Scandinavian style. However, you can add other colors as an accent. Scandinavian-style room design is also synonymous with the use of large enough windows for natural lighting.

To create a warm impression, use furniture with wooden elements. Do not forget to add natural decorations, such as ornamental plants.

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5. Wing Vintage

As the name implies, the design of the camera is vintage naturally thick with old school memorabilia. Vintage style bedrooms usually use a lot of antique decorations and old retro style furniture.

There is no need to worry, now many retro furniture are produced so they are easy to find. Meanwhile for the color, the style of the design of the room vintage Use a lot of pastel colors like blue, yellow, green salted egg, fishingaquamarine and others.

elegant room design vintage also distinctive with the application of floral motifs, leaves, to birds on pillows, curtains, to decorations such as flower pots or vases. You can also add vintage wall clocks and photo frames to make the room more nuanced vintage.

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These are 5 minimalist bedroom interior design inspirations that you can try. Make your dream home come true at Gardens at Candi Sawangan. There are many types of houses with a minimalist style that combines function and aesthetics.

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