5 main things that determine house prices

5 main things that determine house prices

The things that determine the price of a house are one of the topics that must be considered before making a sale and purchase transaction. For what? due to the amount of price offered, we can see a picture of the quality of a house.

However, of course, the price set must also be in accordance with the market price. In addition to following market prices, there are many things that can determine the price of buying and selling a house. something? Here is the list:

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5 things that determine the price of a house

1. Home location

The location is the first thing that greatly influences the price of a house. Houses located in the center or in the city center certainly have a much higher price than houses in the suburbs.

Prices increase if the house is in a strategic location, for example near various public facilities such as shopping centers, hospitals, schools and others.

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2. Environmental conditions

House prices can also be determined by the surrounding environmental conditions, physical and social. From a physical point of view, this includes water quality, air temperature, landscape and vegetation. A house with good environmental conditions provides comfort, freshness and tranquility so that the price offered is even more expensive.

Meanwhile, from a social perspective, it is usually related to the security and attitudes of local residents. Homes with less safe and crime-prone neighborhoods generally command lower prices.

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3. Accessibility

The next factor that affects high and low house prices is access. The ease of access from the residence to the city center or the shopping center is very important, especially for consumers with high mobility.

Therefore, houses located near toll gates and public transport facilities are generally more in demand and have a relatively higher resale value.

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4. Building area and number of rooms

The third thing that will affect the price of the house is the building area and the number of rooms of the house itself. The larger the area of ​​the building/land, the higher the sales value.

As with the number of rooms, houses with more rooms tend to be more expensive than those with fewer rooms.

5. Facilitate

The resale value of a home is also determined by the facilities. The structures in question are different structures provided in the residence or in the residential area. For example, a house that is already equipped with a swimming pool has a higher price.

For the facilities available around the place of accommodation, such as supermarkets, shops, halls, places of worship, playground, and others. The more facilities available around housing, the prices of houses will increase.

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These are the 5 main things that can determine house prices: location, physical and social environmental conditions, accessibility, construction area and facilities. In addition, the price trends around the area of ​​the property are also very influential.

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