5 Inspiration to Design a Minimalist, Robust and Aesthetic Porch Pole Profile!

5 Inspiration to Design a Minimalist, Robust and Aesthetic Porch Pole Profile!

Minimalist home terrace pole profile design

To create an unsightly minimalist home terrace, You need to install a strong column profile by applying a design that matches the opening area of ​​the house. So, this time www.lacrymosemedia.com has put together a profile design for a minimalist home terrace pole catchy and can be used as inspiration.

After opening the fence, the terrace area is certainly the most important part of the house.

Thus, making a terrace must be done correctly so that the appearance can meet the ideal residential aesthetics.

In the construction process, there are many things that must be considered, namely the profile of the pillars of the terrace.

Not only support or support the load of the roof, the pillars of the house really function as an addition to the aesthetics of the dwelling, here we go.

Yes, choosing the right pole model can create a beautiful and aesthetic, especially if the profile of the pole can be adjusted to the concept of the house.

For minimalist homes, owners usually apply a pole model with a simple and simple box design.

In addition to this, there are many more minimalist home terrace pole profile designs that you can try.

Launching from several sources, we see the inspiration in the description below.

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5 Inspirations for Minimalist Home Terrace Pillar Profile Designs

1. Pole Minimalist Single House Terrace

source: Pinterest Arazi Center

This inspiration has a terrace that applies only one pole.

Although the terrace of the house usually has more than one pillar, this design still looks sturdy and charming.

Made of natural palimanan stone, the pillar profile above resembles the terrace walls and minimalist ceiling lights.

The addition of the minimalist terrace pillars also adds a special accent while supporting the terrace roof in a balanced way.

This single column profile will certainly be very suitable to be applied to asymmetric dwellings!

2. Minimalist House Terrace Poles with Wood Material

source: qhomemart.com

The wood material can really be an attractive choice to be used as a pole for the terrace of the house.

Natural fibers and warm colors in wood can add to the aesthetics of your home.

With its uniqueness, of course, you can apply wood materials to the profile of the terrace poles.

To add a nice impression, you can also add a variety of unique or simple shapes.

Guaranteed eh These wooden terrace posts can create an ethnic and warm impression in your home!

3. Gray Natural Stone Core Pillar

Gray Natural Stone Core Pillar

source: thailetgo.com

Natural stone is known to have good resistance, so it is not surprising that this material is often used as a terrace pillar profile.

As the inspiration above, the natural stone pillars look in harmony with the gray and white residential theme.

The same with the previous box terrace model, you need to consider the problem of pole size when implementing this model.

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The combination of monochrome color paint and natural stone materials has succeeded in making the house look very aesthetic and contemporary.

4. Thick Wall Minimalist House Terrace Pillars

Thick wall minimalist home terrace pillars

source: archdaily.com

Apart from natural stone materials, it is time to switch to minimalist home terrace posts made from exposed concrete wall material.

The minimalist design of the terrace of the house above seems to have an artistic and unique style.

For those who like occupation with an eccentric style, do not hesitate to be different with the pillars of a minimalist home terrace. out of the box.

5. Cement Coating Pole Profile

Concrete cladding pole profile

source: 338house.com

The minimalist design of the terrace pole that comes from the cement plaster material can also be an interesting inspiration.

With a water rope motif on the profile of the pillars, the house looks more minimalist and charming, especially if the terrace posts are painted with the right color combination.


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