5 Important steps before buying land

5 Important steps before buying land

Sample land sale agreement letter

Are you thinking of buying land? Land is an interesting property asset for you to own. In addition to a rapid increase in value over a period of several years, the cost of maintaining land is relatively easy compared to those in the form of buildings.

If you have found the right place at a price that fits your budget, do not be in a hurry to make a purchase transaction. Carrying out buying and selling transactions requires a number of important things to be aware of. The following step by step important things you can pay attention to before buying land.

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Pay Attention to Ground Conditions

Before making sure to buy a lot of land in one area, it is important to pay attention to the type of land first. Not only the contours and the type of land, but also the prospects for the future. It is a strategic location in the coming years, both infrastructure and other property projects.

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Inspect the Land Act

It is the main thing for you to check the completeness of the land documents, including the name of the owner and its validity. If the letter is certified, check if the certificate has changed hands. If not, you can apply for a Land Registration Certificate at the local office of the village.

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Verification of legality by PPAT

Check the validity of the land certificate before entering into a contract using the services of a PPAT to verify. PPAT will verify the authenticity of the land certificate at the BPN (National Land Agency). By entrusting this process to the PPAT, you can find out in detail the status of the land, for example, if it is really promised, in dispute or not.

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Make a sale and purchase agreement

After making sure that the land certificate is not problematic, the next step is to get an AJB (sale and purchase agreement) letter from the PPAT. In general, making this letter requires several conditions, such as a PBB payment card (land and building tax), land certificate, IMB letter (building permit) and the transfer of land title certificates.

Send files to BPN

This stage is carried out to take care of the transfer of the name of the certificate and is the responsibility of the PPAT. The presentation of the AJB file must be done no later than seven days after the signature. Generally, after two weeks of processing, the buyer will receive a certificate with a new name.

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Lamudi has prepared a sample letter of sale and purchase that you can use to make the process easier when you want to make a transaction of sale and purchase of land. This template follows the general convention where you only need to print the document and fill in the necessary information. And if you want to know a sample letter of sale and purchase of land, you can download it here.

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