5 ideas to celebrate Halloween at home with the family

5 ideas to celebrate Halloween at home with the family

how to celebrate Halloween at home
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Day Halloween is one of the annual celebrations that is synonymous with mystical and spooky things. Regardless of tradition and culture, we can still celebrate Halloween at home, with family and friends.

The celebration of this holiday does not see the age group, children and adults can join. Usually, Halloween celebrated with ghostly costumes, trick or treatand go to the haunted house.

Various Banners

However, we can do it program Halloween which is fun at home, you know. Even if we celebrate only at home, we can still bring a good atmosphere ghostly and grasp

So, how to create an event Halloween at home?

Therefore, we have prepared some party ideas Halloween fun and enjoyable at home.

1. Room decoration

Of course, the decoration of the room can create a tense atmosphere. Just decorate the house with orange or black elements, and add scary face carvings on pumpkins, and even led lights string yellow or white.

Halloween decorations
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2. Wear a Spooky Costume

Celebration Halloween would not be complete without the use of ghost costumes, such as ghost costumes, mummyand thematic customs dark other To make it look more leverage, use makeup that fits the character you are playing.

You can even organize a costume contest for the scariest outfits, especially for children.

Halloween costume for kids
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celebrating Halloween at home
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3. Carve the pumpkin

Day Halloween identical to the spooky face carved on a pumpkin. Therefore, you can carve it yourself and place it as a room decoration, either in the living room or in front of the door. So, add it witch hat and lamp on a pumpkin.

Halloween pumpkin carving
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4. Watch horror movies

To make the atmosphere even more tense, you can watch horror movies together or share mystical things in turn. Do this activity in a dark room or with minimal lighting.

Halloween party
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5. Family dinner

Dining together in the dining room can also create a party Halloween more significant. You can serve a variety of cake Halloweensuch as cookies, apple candy, and so on.

cake mold
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Well, here are five ideas to celebrate Halloween at home that you can try together with family and relatives.

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