5 ideas for living room partitions, curtains are the cheapest choice

5 ideas for living room partitions, curtains are the cheapest choice

living room partition

Do you want to have a living room partition? There are a number of options for that, one of which is the curtains that are the best. Go ahead, install it.

Usually, the design of the landed house will feature a living room, a dining room, a family room and a built-in kitchen.

Draft open space This makes the residential footprint wider because there are no partitions in the house.

You can cook while watching the children playing in the family room or eat.

Similarly, couples can view the activities of other family members who are relaxing or cooking.

However, there are times when you need privacy, especially when hosting family or neighbors.

You do not want the conversation with the guests to be overheard by the children or the housekeepers.

The presence of a living room partition is necessary so that there is privacy, but its presence should not be massive like a wall.

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partition in the living room

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Living room partition options

1. Curtains Or Curtains

Option to install curtains or blinds be the easiest option and also of course the cheapest.

You just need to install a curtain or a hook on the wall. It’s so easy isn’t it?

Also, the price of the curtains should not be expensive either. You can find curtains at affordable prices.

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Or if you are creative, maybe you have stock of ethnic or traditional fabrics, just use them instead of curtains.

When the curtains are not in use, you can open them and then clean them so that the space seems spacious.

When there are guests, you can open the curtains and close the access between the living room and the room next to it.

2. Bookstore

The shelves are also the easiest choice and are classified as standard for the partitions of the living room at home.

There are many choices bookstore starting from a closet that can be seen from two directions or a closed closet.

The shape of these two cabinets has advantages and disadvantages of each, according to your wishes.

If a cabinet or bookcase can be seen from two directions, you can place displays on both sides.

On the contrary, if the wardrobe shows only one side while one side is the back.

Thus, you can only place the front of the cabinet towards the living room while beautifying the decoration of the living room.

3. Plants

Don’t get me wrong though plant internal it can also be used as a living room partition at home.

Use medium-sized plants or plants that have trunks without branches.

Or you can take advantage of flowering plants that are usually medium in size with a number of branches.

Plant internal This can be placed in a pot that is then placed on a small table or simply on the floor.

4. Aquarium

Like a closet, the aquarium is also a living room partition that faces two sides of the room.

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A medium-sized aquarium can divide the room into two, separate but still united.

This living room partition can beautify the living room as well as the family room or dining room next door.

Aquariums containing saltwater fish are generally more attractive because saltwater fish are more beautiful than freshwater fish.

5. Display Table

Display table or maybe drawers can be another alternative to the partition of the living room at home.

You can place a number of medium-sized or tall displays on it counter.

This is to emphasize the border between the living room and the next room, although it does not seem massive.

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