5 great gold color combinations for life

5 great gold color combinations for life

Gold is a color that is considered luxurious and gives the impression of luxury in a space or object. This color is also widely used in cases to create that impression. But, unfortunately, there are still many people who seem excessive in the use of gold so that instead of giving an impression of luxury, they have a tacky impression. Now for those of you who are also thinking of using gold as a paint color for the room at home, here is a good combination of gold colors to make your home look luxurious:

A beautiful combination of golden colors

First, a beautiful gold color combination can be seen in the photo above. Actually, all parts of the wall are gold, but more on that later tone accented with white cherry blossoms. In addition, the lower half of the wall is painted with white so that it is not too dazzling or dazzling.

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With the dominant color dark brown, the golden color is only a decorative element in the picture. But don’t worry, because the impression of luxury still feels real. The print of golden palm leaves is enough to make the room comfortable and elegant.

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Similar to the second picture, which uses decorative elements of palm leaves, in this third picture, palm leaves are also an option. The difference is, if it was applied in the bedroom, this third image applies golden palm leaves as a reinforcement of the impression of luxury in the living room. Combined with black, gold looks like this stand out.

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You can see a luxurious relaxing corner in the following picture. The combination of gold and navy blue makes it location this is a lot catches the eye. In addition, the use of gold here is quite dominant, but also not excessive with a nice combination of colors.

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Who said that gold combined with a pale color like light gray makes it invisible catches the eye? The proof is, in the following references to a good combination of gold color, the gold color always looks real even if it does not dominate. With detailed abstract motifs, the space is always elegant and classy.

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