5 Furniture Colors to Make Studio Apartments Look Spacious

5 Furniture Colors to Make Studio Apartments Look Spacious

Stay in minimalist studio apartment it often makes us dizzy when decorating because of the limited area. In addition to the need to choose a model, color furniture minimalist The right one can be able to make the room spacious.

In addition to being able to improve the atmosphere of the room, the color of the furniture can also give an eye illusion trick that makes the room seem bigger.

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So, what are the appropriate furniture colors?

Well, we have some recommendations for minimalist furniture colors that can be an option to make the space of the apartment spacious as follows.

1. Minimalist furniture White color

In addition to giving a minimalist impression, white can still make the room appear larger and brighter. One of the pieces of furniture you can use is a table coffee table white color

Add artificial ornamental plants and rugs of the same color placed at the bottom of the table to make the room more alive. In addition, you can also use a table that has a storage area, like the inspiration below.

studio studio furniture colors
Hayden Guest Table – white

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2. Modern Light Grey

Light gray becomes one of the colors monochrome which is mostly used as the color of the furniture. Well, you can use this color on the sofa to make the room elegant. However, select jEnis sofa bed that we can make like a bed.

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You can also use the couch bed with additional storage space on the sofa seat that can be opened, as follows.

color of furniture
Fabric for sofa Miniato – Gray

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3. Furniture Classic brown color

Using a brown storage cabinet with a touch of wood will give a warm touch to the room. In fact, this color can also make the room look lighter.

Just sit next to the sofa or corner of the room. Then, put some screens on the cabinet, like the idea below.

suitable color for the furniture
Payne 2 Door Wardrobe – Walnut

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4. Natural beige furniture

The beige color is quite easy to combine with many other furniture colors. In addition, the use of beige furniture can also create a warm and spacious impression in the room.

You can choose the table set with a combination of white and beige to make the dining room look bright and attractive, as below.

studio apartment furniture
Medford Dining Table Set 4 Chairs – White Chocolate

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5. Sweet Pastel Colors

Pastel colors can also give an optical illusion that makes the room look big. Usually, you can put furniture with this color in the corner of the room so it doesn’t look empty.

For example, using bag of beans. SBesides having a decorative function, you can also use it as an additional seat.

pastel furniture colors
Information 50x50x40 Cm Bean Bag Square – Pink

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Well, these are several colors of furniture that can make a minimalist studio apartment beautiful. You can get a variety of furniture above through shopping sites online www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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