5 Examples of Vertical Gardens for the Home, Make it Cool

5 Examples of Vertical Gardens for the Home, Make it Cool

vertical garden
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vertical garden or vertical garden is an alternative planting medium for housing that is made perpendicular to the top. This garden is generally applied to houses or apartments with limited land, which cannot be done horizontally.

Functionally, this vertical garden has many functions. Before beautifying the space in the house. Second to reduce and reduce air pollution. And the last to increase the supply of oxygen.

Because it is vertical, this garden can be done internal o out of. By making a vertical garden, you can maximize it space small in the house to bring shades of green. All you have to do is find the best place to start. Well, those of you looking for references, here are five examples vertical garden example:

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Vertical Garden Outdoors from Pot Arrangement

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You can create a beautiful garden at home with the arrangement of pots. You can choose a suitable plant to put in each pot. A few tips, make sure you plant plants that are easy to care for, because to reach the highest pot, you will need more effort. To be more aesthetic, match the color of the pot with the color of the walls.

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Vertical Garden Internal? Good!

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Increase your productivity by building an indoor vertical garden. It grows, with the presence of plants on it interior, Your stress will decrease and your concentration level will increase dramatically.

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Create a vertical garden in the corner of your special room for work or study. In the manufacturing process, do not forget to ask extra later of coated plywood water sealant so that your main wall is not damaged.

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Vertical Garden on the Balcony of the House

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If your house or apartment does not have out of which is big enough, just make a vertical garden on the balcony. In addition to having a function for decoration and pollution prevention, later this small garden can be used as a photo location! Especially if your residence receives enough sunlight at a certain time (golden hour).

Create a Tropical Home from Vertical Garden

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If your house is big enough and you want to feel the atmosphere resorts, just design a house with a tropical house style. Yes, a vertical garden can support the style of the house. For example, in the yard of this house that is full of vines on the walls and wood as decoration. Make sure to use natural materials to make the impression resort more and more felt.

Vertical Garden with Colorful Plants

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The last example of a minimalist vertical garden is on the wall out of home This concept is called the concept of a living wall, which is filled with various types of plants. Choose plants with different leaf colors to make the house look more alive. In placement, the garden can be located near the garage, in front of the door in front of the pool.

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