5 essential oils to repel mice at home. Plus How to use!

5 essential oils to repel mice at home. Plus How to use!

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There is no need to use rat poison, you can repel rodents at home with only essential oils, that’s it! Check out a variety of essential oils that kill mice at home here!

Because it is one of the most destructive pests in homes, many people are willing to do anything to get rid of mice.

One of the things they do to keep these rodents out of their homes is to use poison.

However, rat poison is quite dangerous because it can be eaten by pets or even small children if it is kept carelessly.

To prevent this, you must eradicate mice naturally with environmentally friendly ingredients, one of which is essential oils.

Check out a variety of powerful, natural rat repellent essential oils below!

Rat repellent essential oil at home

1. Eucalyptus oil

rat repellent eucalyptus oil

The first essential oil that kills rats was eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus is a type of tree from Australia that, if treated, can be used as a natural disinfectant and poison for many animals.

Not only toxic for house pests, the eucalyptus is also one of the trees whose scent is not liked by rats.

How to get rid of mice naturally with eucalyptus oil is quite easy.

You can simply mix the essential oil with a little vinegar and store it in a spray bottle.

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Spray this oil on the garden area, around doors, windows and kitchen cupboards to prevent mice from coming near the house.

2. Tea Tree Oil

In addition to eucalyptus, tea tree oil has also been shown to be effective in repelling mice from the home.

Tea tree oil is known for its antifungal properties with a pleasant aroma.

Because of these properties, this oil is often used as a beauty product, especially to remove acne and dandruff.

In addition, this essential oil can also repel mice, that’s it!

This is because the aroma of tea tree oil is not liked by rats and in large quantities, this oil is very toxic to rodents.

3. Peppermint oil

peppermint oil rat repellent

The next essential oil that kills rats is peppermint oil.

Peppermint is famous for having a spicy and pungent aroma and is highly disliked by rats.

The aroma is also much stronger than other essential oils, making it more effective at repelling rodents.

Therefore, it never hurts to spray this oil around your home.

When rats smell peppermint, they quickly lose their way because the smell of menthol in the oil can mask the smell of rat pheromones.

This makes their navigation system broken and they get lost quickly.

Not only that, the smell of mint can also damage and irritate the rat’s sense of smell and make rats reluctant to enter the house.

4. Oil Citronella

The next way to get rid of mice naturally is to use oil lemongrass.

Citronella is an essential oil derived from the leaves and roots of lemongrass.

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This oil has a fragrant aroma so it is often used as a perfume.

However, the smell of oil lemongrass it turns out that mice are not liked and can drive animals away from your home.

Just mix two teaspoons of oil with one tablespoon of water and store in a spray bottle.

Then spray the mixture in places frequented by rats.

5. Lemon oil

rat repellent lemon oil

The last essential oil to kill rats that you can use is lemon oil.

Like other essential oils, the smell of lemon oil is also highly disliked by mice due to its strong smell.

Mix lemon oil with water to make it more fluid and store in a spray bottle.

Finally, spray this liquid in places around the house so that mice are reluctant to enter your home.


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