5 easy ways to get rid of bats from the house

5 easy ways to get rid of bats from the house

Did you know that apart from being able to live in caves, bats can actually coexist with humans in the house? you know! But, of course, the presence of bats in the house is not something that the residents expect. Because this animal often flies and litters without care. Also, bat droppings are corrosive or destructive and can make the house smell very bad. Therefore, special methods are needed to remove bats easily from the house. For those of you who are curious about how to easily get rid of bats from the house, here is the review:

5 easy ways to get rid of bats from the house

  • How to get rid of bats easily: Install a bright light

Bats like dark places, as evidenced by their active time at night. Therefore, install a bright light in the bed or a place for the bat activity in your residence so that the animal does not feel at home because it is not free to move because the light is so bright. If necessary, use a spotlight and point to where the perch bats are disturbed and leave.

Ultrasonic sound is a sound with a frequency above 20,000 Hz, so it can no longer be captured by human hearing. So this method can be chosen because it does not hurt human ears, but bats do not like it. This ultrasonic sound tool is also easy to find on online shopping and sales sites like market. The price is not too expensive so that anyone can buy it.

  • How to get rid of bats easily: Reduce food and drink sources

Bats love insects and fruits. So if in your house there are a lot of insects and there are also a lot of fruits, it would be nice to reduce by eliminating the insects and immediately pick ripe fruits so that the pips do not have enough food. In this way, the animal will go to find another place.

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Camphor contains naphthalene and this naphthalene is a chemical that can be used to control bat populations. The pungent smell of camphor can make boaters feel nauseous and dizzy. The method is very easy, it is only necessary to sprinkle camphor in the room or where the bat likes to hang out and when it inhales the smell of camphor, the bat is certainly on its own.

Usually boats can be in the house because there is enough space for them to enter. Therefore, you have to pay attention to where the bat can enter. Then close the hole so that the bats cannot get back.

Myths about bats entering the house

Believe it or not, the myth about bats entering the house is still believed by the public. According to feng shui, for example, it is said that if a bat enters the house, the occupants of the house will have bad luck or have an illness. Similarly, the beliefs contained in the Javanese Primbon say more or less the same thing. But, of course, it’s a good idea not to believe alone and always have a good attitude so that bad things don’t happen.