5 easy ways to amplify digital TV signals. Proven effective!

5 easy ways to amplify digital TV signals. Proven effective!

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Find out how to amplify digital TV signals in this article, let’s go. Turns out it’s not as complicated as you think. that’s it!

Little by little, Indonesians are starting to switch from analog television to digital television.

To accelerate this transition process, the government had given set top box (STB) free for less able families.

The government also advises every community to use STB so that home television can receive digital TV broadcasts.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who have a hard time getting it channel on their digital television.

This problem can occur because the signal from the TV used is weak.

This makes the search process channel less optimal.

If you have the problem, www.lacrymosemedia.com has summarized how to overcome it.

Let’s see how to enhance the digital TV signal easily as follows!

How to Amplify Digital TV Signal Easily

1. Use the right TV antenna

how to amplify digital tv signals with the right antenna

The first way to amplify a digital TV signal is to use the right antenna.

To get a good transmission quality, you can choose a UHF antenna out of.

Antennas that are installed outside are able to receive signals without being blocked by the walls of the house.

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In the market itself, there are different brands of UHF antennas out of that you can buy.

Launch tokopedia.com, the following prices are some recommendations for digital television antennas out of:

  • PF HDU25 (Rp200-Rp235 ribu)
  • Inside Zeus (Rp112-Rp125 thousand)
  • PF HD 19 (Rp120-141 thousand)
  • Intra 003 (Rp79-90 thousand)
  • PF HD12 (Rp79-85 ribu)
  • HES HS-879 (Rp68-Rp78 ribu)

2. Adjust the Antenna Direction and Height

In addition to buying the right TV antenna, you also have to install it in a strategic place.

It is good if you already know the exact location before buying an antenna.

However, if this is not possible, do not worry.

You can use SignalTVDigital or Antenna Pointer application.

After finding the place transmitter the closer, point the antenna perpendicular to the transmitter.

Place the antenna without obstacles from trees or buildings.

If the signal is still missing, adjust the height of the antenna.

3. Use quality cables

How to amplify the digital TV signal with coaxial cable

source: thecityfoundry.com

Many people underestimate cable coaxial used for television.

However, cable coaxial is one of the components that can affect the signal obtained by this electronic device.

The poor quality of the TV antenna cable will certainly reduce the received signal because it is not channeled perfectly.

In addition to the cable coaxial, you also have to choose the cable jack connector those of quality.

Cable jack quality ones are not easy to come out if accidentally pulled or bent.

4. Use a Signal Booster or Booster

If the above steps were not able to transmit the signal properly, use a signal amplifier or strengthen TV antenna.

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Booster The antenna is a series of electronic devices that serve to amplify the UFH frequency, then transmit it to the television.

In the market, there are two types of signal amplifiers, namely: strengthen and CATV.

CATV is a television transmission system via radio frequency signals transmitted via optical fiber.

The function of this device is to make parallel television broadcasts and optimize existing shows.

5. Use STB According to Government Advice

best recommendation STB

Another way to amplify digital TV signals is to use set top box (STB) as per government recommendations.

For those who get a free STB from Kominfo, you don’t need to doubt the unit you have.

However, if you buy it yourself at an electronics store, you should look at the STB specifications.

Make sure the STB you buy already supports DVB-T2 function.

With this technology, you can enjoy digital television channels with HD quality for free.


I hope that the discussion on how to strengthen a digital TV signal can be useful for Owners, yes!

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