5 easy and fast ways to remove paint on ceramics

5 easy and fast ways to remove paint on ceramics

how to remove paint on ceramics

Here are the steps and ways to remove paint on ceramics that you can do at home. Go ahead, see the complete guide in this article.

While there is work painting at homeusually the material used will cause ugly stains.

These spots are very common on the ceramic floor.

Even if you cover it with newspaper or other paper, there are still spots of paint on the floor.

As a result, the ceramics become ugly and damage the aesthetics of the interior in your home.

To clean the varnish attached to the ceramic is also not easy.

You need special tips and tricks to clean properly.

If you have had this and want to clean the stain, you should read this article until the end, yes!

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Let’s go, let’s just look at how to remove the paint on the ceramic that is easy and fast below, launching different sources.

5 correct ways to remove paint on ceramics

1. Using vinegar

how to remove paint on ceramics with vinegar

The first tip you can do to remove paint stains on ceramics is to use vinegar.

This kitchen ingredient is very easy to find and the price is relatively cheap.

How to use it is also easy.

Place the vinegar on a cloth until it is wet.

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Then remove the affected ceramic part node cat until it’s gone.

Repeat several times until clean.

If it’s gone, clean it with a floor cleaner so that it smells again.

Avoid drops of vinegar directly on the tile, because this can damage the tile.

2. Rub with Starfruit Wuluh

How to remove the paint on the second ceramic with wuluh starfruit.

This fruit that is identical to the sour taste has its benefits that are rarely known to the public.

The acidic liquid contained in the fruit is able to remove paint stains that stick to the ceramic.

How to use it is enough to directly apply pieces of starfruit on the ceramic stained with paint.

Then, wipe it off with a soft cloth. Easy, really!

3. Lime

how to remove paint on ceramics with lime

Similar to star fruit, lime also contains acids that can remove paint stains on ceramics.

In addition, lime is also quite cheap and affordable.

You can keep the juice lime in a container and spread on a soft cloth.

Gently wipe the paint stains on the ceramic with the cloth.

Don’t do too much because it can damage the floor.

4. Fine sand paper

The fourth way to remove paint on ceramics that can be used is fine sandpaper.

Sandpaper has properties that can smooth different types of surfaces such as iron or wood.

On ceramics, you can use fine sandpaper to remove stains that remain as paint.

Its use is very easy, just rub the dirty ceramic part with fine sandpaper.

After the stain is removed, clean the floor with clean water.

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5. Liquid Diluent

how to remove paint on ceramics with thinner

Finally, use liquid thinner.

This material is known to be able to remove various stubborn stains.

One of them is the paint that sticks to the ceramic.

We only need to drop as much as necessary on the dirty ceramic.

Then wipe with a cloth repeatedly.

Well, this is 5 steps and how to remove paint on ceramics that is easy and fast.

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