5 easy and effective ways to add oxygen in an aquarium

5 easy and effective ways to add oxygen in an aquarium

How to increase the oxygen of the aquarium

Are your ornamental fish limp? Come, find out how to increase the oxygen in your home aquarium that is easy and effective in the following article.

To keep the fish in the aquarium healthy and fertile, there are several factors that must be considered.

Starting from food, cleanliness to the level of oxygen in the home aquarium.

Although fish breathe with gills, fish also need oxygen in the water to stay alive.

When the level of oxygen in the aquarium is low.

There is a potential for the fish to limp or even die if not treated properly.

Therefore, you must immediately increase the level of oxygen in the aquarium so that the fish remain healthy.

Let’s go, let’s just look at the following 5 easy and effective ways to add oxygen to the aquarium, according to different sources.

How to increase oxygen levels in an aquarium

1. Using a water pump

how to add oxygen in the aquarium

Source: Kompasiana

If your aquarium lacks oxygen, the easiest way to do this is to use a pump.

This pump will produce a stream of water containing oxygen.

In this way, the fish can live healthy and well.

You can buy a fish pump size that fits the size of the tank.

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Purchasing a pump that is too small will make the oxygen level increase less optimal.

Meanwhile, a water pump that is too big will also make the aquarium dirty easily because of too much current.

2. Pour the water to a certain height

Have you ever poured water to a certain height and seen bubbles around it?

The bubbles produce good oxygen for the fish.

You can make a fountain in the aquarium to produce bubbles automatically without the need to pour water every day.

The higher the water that is poured into the aquarium, the more oxygen will be produced in the aquarium.

3. Reduce the number of fish in the Aquarium

how to increase the oxygen in the aquarium the number of fish

Source: Popbela

Already using a water pump, but the fish still seems limp?

Perhaps the cause is the number of fish in the aquarium that is too much.

This method of adding oxygen to an aquarium is very useful if the amount of fish in the aquarium is too much.

Reduce the number of fish swimming in the tank so that all fish get the right oxygen levels.

4. Keep the aquarium clean

A dirty and stained aquarium can also result in low oxygen levels in the aquarium.

Therefore, you need to keep the aquarium clean with an aquarium filter.

In addition to this, you can also drain the contents of the aquarium every month or a maximum of once every 3 months so that the quality of the water is maintained.

5. Give Windelov Plants

how to increase oxygen in a plant aquarium

Source: Ruparupa

Windelov plants are not only a very beautiful sight to the eye.

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But it is also an aquarium plant that can help fish with a lack of oxygen in the aquarium

Plants can grow to a height of 20 cm with a fixed width.

To add these plants to the aquarium is also very easy, that is to say by tying the plants to the roots, twigs or just sticking to the rocks.

Later, the plant will produce the oxygen needed by the fish.

It’s easy, right?


So, here are some good and correct tips and ways to add oxygen to the aquarium.

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