5 Differences Lego Duplo with other types of Lego

5 Differences Lego Duplo with other types of Lego

LEGO is a brand of toys in the form of plastic blocks that can be arranged in a certain shape. Over time, LEGO toys have become more diverse, from LEGO Classic, LEGO City, LEGO Friends, to LEGO Duplo.

Among these types of LEGO, it turns out that there is a type of LEGO that has the most different shapes and sizes. It’s called LEGO Duplo. Have you ever heard of or seen Lego Duplo before?

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Reported by lego.comLEGO Duplo is the latest version of LEGO toys that comes in brighter colors as well as bigger and bigger blocks.

In general, LEGO Duplo is 8 times larger than other types of LEGO. No wonder that this type of LEGO is recommended for children or children of 2-5 years. You see, the size is right in the hands of your little one and is not easily swallowed.

So, what are the other differences from LEGO Duplo?

Besides that, there are still some differences between LEGO Duplo and LEGO Classic. Check out the following article, go!

1. Age range

In general, the classic LEGO type is designed specifically for children aged 4 and up. You see, at this age, children’s motor skills and logic are beginning to sharpen. They can swallow well and do not put small objects in their mouths.

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In contrast to children under 4 years old who are still innocent. Ordinary LEGO toys can be swallowed by them. Therefore, LEGO Duplo is specially designed for children from 18 months to 4 years.

LEGO® Duplo Minnie House and Cafe 10942

2. Size

Children under the age of 4 are usually not able to grasp or pick up objects properly. Of course, they would have a hard time keeping it in small LEGO blocks.

Well, LEGO Duplo comes in a size that is about 2-8 times larger than the typical LEGO type. So, your child’s tiny hands can take a toy block and build a shape well.

LEGO® Duplo 10931 Crawler Excavator for Truck

3. Security

One of the concerns of parents when giving toys to children is if there is an object that is swallowed and makes the child choke. However, this larger and thicker LEGO toy is very safe for your child.

They can’t put these LEGO blocks in their mouths. Of course, the risk of ingestion becomes even lower. In addition to that, This LEGO also has more blunt edges than other types of LEGO. Therefore, it will not hurt your child.

LEGO® Duplo Disney Ip 4 2022 10962

4. Level of accuracy

In terms of accuracy, generally LEGO has blocks that you have to arrange in a precise and orderly manner. However, unlike this type of LEGO, which has a variety of shapes and lighter colors.

Thus, your child can use his imagination to fit different sizes and shapes of LEGO blocks. Although it will seem irregular, but this way can train their creativity.

LEGO® Double Brick Box 10913

5. Permanent character

In general, Lego toys have character shapes that we can modify in terms of faces and clothes. However, it is different from Lego Duplo which has a permanent or permanent character.

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Therefore, we cannot replace all aspects of this Lego character. This is so that part of the character is not lost or swallowed by them. Pretty sure, right?

LEGO® Duplo Race Cars 10947

Now you know, what are the differences between Lego Duplo and other types? Go ahead, give LEGO DUPLO toys to your little ones to hone their creativity from an early age.

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LEGO® Duplo Disney Ip 4 2022
LEGO® Duplo Disney Ip 4 2022

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LEGO® Duplo Crawler Excavator Truck

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LEGO® Duplo Minnie House And Cafe

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