5 Designs of Brick Houses Without Plaster with Tips on Construction

5 Designs of Brick Houses Without Plaster with Tips on Construction

adobe house without plaster

The following brick house designs without plaster can be an inspiration for those of you who are building a house. The residential look guaranteed to be different and interesting!

Property People, there are always ways to make a house look anti mainstream.

One of them is the use of adobe walls without plaster.

This concept is similar to the exposed brick walls that you often find in industrial themed homes.

Before discussing more about the designs and images of adobe houses without plaster, it is a good idea to know the material first.

For more details, you can see the explanation below!

What is the Batako?

Batako is one of the commonly used building materials for making walls.

Made from a mixture of coarse sand and cement which then goes through a pressure process or rush

In its development, there are brick mixtures that use crass, lime and water. Also in some areas mixed with coal.

This is done based on the abundant availability of raw materials in the area.

You also need to know, today bricks are starting to get a lot of attention because they can be more economical in the use of wall adhesives or mortar.

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Interestingly, there are many house designs that apply adobe walls without plaster.

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5 Brick House Design Inspirations Without Plaster

1. House with Living Room from Brick

minimalist brick house

Source: Designboom.com

Minimalist concept houses usually use gray wall color.

In addition to painting the wall, you can make it happen by using brick walls without plaster.

By doing this, you save the budget to build a house at the same time.

2. Industrial Brick House

industrial adobe house

Source: Dezeen.com

You know that applying adobe walls without plaster can give an industrial impression.

The industrial impression itself is usually emphasized by the use of semi-finished materials.

Therefore, this brick without plaster can be an alternative.

3. Rustic Brick House

rustic adobe house

Source: Griyasatria.co.id

The next inspiration is suitable for those of you who want to build a house in a rustic style.

The rusticity that is synonymous with the use of wood feels even more unified when combined with adobe walls.

The wooden furniture looks more prominent and aesthetic.

4. House with a Brick Kitchen Table

adobe kitchen table

Source: Dezeen.com

In addition to the walls, you can use bricks to make a kitchen table.

This adobe kitchen table can be an alternative if you don’t want to buy it kitchen set.

This interior looks attractive, aesthetic and authentic.

5. A house with a brick work area

work space with adobe walls

Source: Rwhome.web.id

Finally, there is inspiration for a home workspace made of adobe walls.

The workspace looks comfortable with wooden chairs. The appearance of this room is even more attractive thanks to the presence of decorations.

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Tips for building a brick house without plaster

If you are thinking of building a brick house without plaster, it is a good idea to follow these tips.

  • Choose a trusted brick supplier.
  • Choose a brick supplier that is closest to your home so that the delivery process is not damaged.
  • Create a design that is easy for builders to understand.
  • Do not mix the bricks with other materials that do not mix with the cement mixture.


These are a number of brick house models without plaster that can be your inspiration.

Hope useful, Property People.

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