5 Designer Secrets to Create Instagrammable Home Rooms

5 Designer Secrets to Create Instagrammable Home Rooms

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Today more and more people like to take pictures of their home rooms and then upload them to social media, especially Instagram. You did it before, but the results of the photos that were taken were not instagrammable? Come on, learn the secret of arranging the house instagrammable by these designers.

1. Add Different Decorations

Instagrammable home tips

Placing decorations in the house is a very common thing to do.

You can do it too.

If you do not want the room to be too tight, use decorations that have an effective place and function.

For example, curtains, carpets, posters or abstract paintings, and vases.

You can also include some green leafy plants to refresh the area of ​​the house.

It doesn’t have to be big, but the colors that come out of the plant will look impressive in the house.

2. Use suitable colors for home decoration Instagrammable

Instagrammable home tips

The choice of colors for the room of the house can change the visual aspect by changing 360 ̊.

For example, bright and soft colors can make a room feel more spacious.

One of the colors that is fashionable and can be chosen is beige

When you want to change a room with this color, don’t just do one color.

Apparently, a lot shades from beige that will also brighten up the house.

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Some of the options are: lavender, light blue, mint, and a touch of gray.

Instantly the house will look luxurious and also cool

3. Choose the Right Accents

The appearance of a house that is too plain will make the photos unattractive instagrammable.

No need to remodel and add different decorations!

You can use a sweet decoration that can be made focal point

The first way is to provide accents of bright colors in the room of the house.

You can paint it as a wall, put a sofa, or even add plants.

In addition to bright colors, interesting patterns can also give an attractive appearance, such as abstract or geometric.

4. Play with space

Color is not the only factor that makes a room seem more spacious.

You can also use a mirror at the right angle, so it looks wider.

When photographing, people do not suspect that the room is really limited.

You should also be able to take pictures from the best angle when you are going to expose the house Instagram.

Appropriate selection will reveal the features that stand out in it. The photo results are even better instagrammable, yeah!

5. Instagramable Homes Don’t Use Excessive Decor

Instagrammable home tips

Wanting their home to look attractive when photographed, some people even over-decorate.

Maybe when I put it on Instagram, the result will attract the eye, but this could affect the comfort of you and your family at home.

Some mistakes that are often made are arranging a small room with a lot of colors.

Besides that, sometimes people are too eager to put different colors in it.

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These two things will have the effect of giving the illusion of a narrower home.

If you can already apply the above decoration method, your home is guaranteed to be more present on social media. eh! Hope this is helpful, Property People.

I hope home decoration tips instagrammable above is useful for you!

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