5 Design of a house without a terrace that is minimalist and looks relieved

5 Design of a house without a terrace that is minimalist and looks relieved

house design without terrace

Do you want to make a house without a terrace with a charming and anti-mainstream design? Go ahead, just look at the inspiration for house designs without a terrace in this article!

Since land is now increasingly expensive and limited, many people choose to build or buy a house without a terrace.

This is done so that the exterior of the residence that has a limited area becomes more spacious.

Even without a terrace, the home can be made more attractive and efficiently organized. cook.

No do you believe Just look at the following inspiring house designs without a terrace.

Guaranteed to make the exterior of your home more spacious and aesthetic!

House design without terrace

1. Houses without terraces with cast roofs

Houses Without Terraces with Dak Roofs

source: sedecoconstructora.net

The inspiration for the design of a house without a terrace for the first time has a different appearance from most houses in Indonesia.

The reason is that this house uses a cast roof throughout.

Although it brings a modern feel to the roof, this residence remains simple minimalist.

Considering that this residence does not have a terrace, the exterior looks more spacious.

The front porch model also looks unique with a heated shape that makes the house look even more attractive.

This type of front view design is also suitable for types 36 or 45 cases.

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2. A house without a terrace with a mysterious impression

A house without a terrace with a mysterious impression

source: homeshelf.com.au

The impression of a mysterious, but seems sweet radiated in this house.

The reason is, the combination of dark and light colored walls seems to blend perfectly into a harmonious whole.

Although it does not have a terrace, this residence still has a large garden and garage to be able to accommodate the needs of green elements outside.

Although it is dominated by dark colors, a touch of light color on a part of the house makes the facade of this house not too dark.

3. Houses without terraces with sloping roofs

Houses without terraces with sloping roofs

source: trekkertime.com

For those who want to have a residence with a different front view, the design of a house without a terrace with a sloping roof can really be a consideration.

The sloping roof of this residence gives a modern impression.

The simple side of this residential design can also be seen in the facade of the house which combines concrete and natural stone materials.

The combination of white and orange on the walls also make the house fresh and fun.

4. Coreless House with Natural Stone Walls

Heartless house with natural stone walls

source: vivadecora.com

The combination of wood materials with natural stone in the facade area makes this house design without a terrace look natural and traditional.

Even so, you can still find a modern sense from the shape of the sloping roof.

Overall, the design of this house is so unique because it combines simple and modern concepts.

The front garden is even wider so that the occupation feels relieved even if it does not have a terrace.

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So you can take advantage of the garden area for various planting activities.

5. Terraceless Houses with Exposed Brick Walls

Houses without terraces with exposed brick walls

source: shopback.co.id

If you are tired with the same facade model, you can try to use a brick wall model in a residential area without a terrace.

Join the walls with finishing concrete with exposed brick patterns like this one design.

The brick facade model will give a simple feeling, but still shows a modern side that is so attractive.


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