5 common board room sizes

5 common board room sizes

We should all be familiar with the term homestay or cost. Typically, guest houses are in the form of a room complete with a bed and wardrobe.

Bedroom This is often used for those who study and work away from their original place of residence.

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No wonder, we will find many costs close to university and office environment. Currently, pensions are available in different prices, designs and sizes. Thus, you can choose a pension that fits your budget.

So, what are the common sizes of pensions?

In order not to choose the wrong one, consider the size of the room costs which we can find below.

1. Boarding Room Size 2×3 Square Meters

board room dimensions 2x3
Use minimalist furniture for small guest rooms.

The size of the pensions that are commonly found is 2 × 3 square meters. These guesthouses are usually only suitable for one bed single and a small shelf.

Therefore, you should be smart in choosing the furniture and using the space available For example, you can install it wall hanger to put clothes and other items.

2. Boarding room Size 2.5 × 3 Square Meters

board room dimensions 2.5x3
Use a multipurpose bed in a 2.5×3 boardroom

The size of a boarding room of 2.5 × 3 square meters is not very large, but you can still put a simple study table in it.

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If you want to save space, it’s a good idea Choose a multifunctional piece of furniturelike a bed with shelves.

3. Boarding Room 3 × 3 Square Meters

board room dimensions 3x3
Place a single bed and a minimalist study table in a 3×3 guest room.

So, in a boarding room of 3 × 3 m, you can already place the bed singlewardrobe, and minimalist study table.

If you want to use a slightly larger bed, you can reduce the use of furniture and replace the wardrobes with a small shelf.

4. Boarding Room 3 × 4 Square Meters

board room dimensions 3x4
Complete your minimalist guest house with a bed set and wardrobe.

There are also guest rooms of 3 × 4 square meters. The size of this pension is usually equipped with a small bathroom so you don’t have to share it with other residents.

In addition to this, you can also put a full-size bed doublewardrobe and work desk inside.

5. Boarding Room 3 × 5 Square Meters

board room dimensions 3x5
Present a room design you like in a 3×5 board.

Pensions 3 × 5 square meters are the largest room sizes. In general, rooms cost This is equipped with a bathroom and a small kitchen in it.

Although the price for renting a guesthouse is much more expensive, you can get more complete facilities.

Furniture recommendations for minimalist guest houses

If you plan to live in a pension, we have some minimalist furniture tips that you can use, as follows.

Laci kamar kost
Fabio Drawer with 3 Tiers – Brown
Chest of drawers 3 levels in minimalist rustic style for guest rooms.

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Boarding room mattress
Informa Sleep 90×200 Cm Axton Kasur
A mattress with a fabric layer that is soft and comfortable to use.

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bedroom closet
Folding hanger in geometric fabric
A flexible and space-saving folding wardrobe.

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boardroom table
Cairo Desk 100x50x75 Cm – White
A minimalist table with a modern design is suitable for small guesthouses.

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bed of the boarding room
Informa 120×200 Cm Lion Bed – White
Sturdy and durable beds are suitable for guest houses.

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bedroom closet
Informa Irvine Wardrobe 2 Doors – white
A durable minimalist wardrobe with storage.

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Roll-packed mattresses for guest rooms
Informa Sleep 90×200 Cm Cusco Kasur Roll Packed
Rolled mattresses are packed with latex and foam, so they are comfortable to wear.

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boardroom study table
Metal desk 100x36x74 cm – white
Minimalist work table with additional shelves to save space.

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have boardroom furniture
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