5 Comfortable World Cup View Room Designs

5 Comfortable World Cup View Room Designs

The attractive design of the viewing room really influences the comfort of its residents. Also, after a day of activity, watching a movie will certainly make the body feel more relaxed.

In addition, this room usually also functions as a living room and a family room. Therefore, do not be surprised if one location in this house is the most important place that should be considered in terms of decoration.

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So, how is an attractive and comfortable view room design?

So, without further ado, we have some inspiring vision room designs that you can emulate, as follows.

1. Enjoy Spot empty

comfortable view room
Nordika Rak Tv 140x39x43 Cm – Cokelat Kayu

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No matter how big or small the house is, there will always be an empty part in the room, for example next to the stairs. You can use this empty area to put a TV shelf.

So, use vertical furniture to keep the room looking spacious. You can use a TV rack made of wood to make it look more elegant.

2. Use a TV Cabinet Set

straight tv
Informa Neo Salom II TV Cabinet Set – White Maple Brown

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So that the viewing room looks luxurious, you can also use a TV cabinet set. Not only does it have a modern design, you can also use this set as a place to put various other entertainment equipment, such as video games and books.

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In addition to this, you can also see some decorations on the available shelves.

3. Sofa Bed Minimalism

Minimalist sofa bed
Sofa fabric Informa Oniel – Gris Clair

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If you really enjoy movie and drama marathons, of course, you often feel aches and pains. Well, to overcome this, you can use it sofa bed.

As the name implies, you can turn this sofa into a soft bed. Choose a neutral color of the sofa, so it is easy to combine with other furniture.

4. Add Carpet To Make It Warmer

living room rug
Carpet 120×170 Cm Shannon 1d – Dark Grey

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In addition to giving the illusion of a larger room, the carpet can also minimize the breakage of items when glass objects fall from the table.

In fact, you can also use the carpet to sit on the floor. Just add it bag of beans instead of a couch.

5. Artificial plant decoration

view room design
Artificial Plant 70 Cm Monstera Adansonii L1

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The presence of plants can make a room cooler. However, if you don’t have free time to take care of it, you can use artificial plants.

Place this decoration on the coffee table or next to the TV rack to make the room look more aesthetic.

So, here are some inspirations for a minimalist bedroom design that you can try to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

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