5 Coffee Maker Tools You Should Know

5 Coffee Maker Tools You Should Know

Are you a coffee lover? If so, you can try making ala coffee coffee home alone, you know. But before that, you have to know some coffees and their functions so that your drink has a good taste.


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So, what are the equipment for making coffee?

Relax, this time we will discuss one by one the coffee maker and its functions, as follows.

1. coffee grinder

The first coffee you should know is coffee grinder or a coffee grinder. The function of this tool is to grind the coffee beans to produce a more delicious taste.

Usually, coffee grinder grind the beans into powder, which is ready to be prepared in a delicious coffee. There are two types of this tool coffee grinderi.e. manual and automatic.

To use coffee grinder manually, you need hand power to rotate the grinding lever until the coffee beans are crushed to the maximum.

While for grinder automatically, you just have to connect to a power source, as our recommendations below.

coffee grinder coffee maker
Acepresso Coffee Grinder With Burr Blade

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coffee grinder
Klaz coffee grinder

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2. Stairs

To produce a delicious coffee taste, you have to know the right measure for each ingredient, such as coffee grounds, water, sugar and milk, if necessary.

Instead of just estimating the size, without knowing the exact results, it is better to use a scale.

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To make coffee, you can use digital scales that are very sophisticated and accurate today. Make sure you weigh the coffee ingredients properly, okay?

digital scales
Kris 3kg Digital Coffee Scale – Black

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3. Hot or Teapot

Hot coffee is the best. To make coffee with hot water, you need a kettle or a teapot. You need this tool if you want to make coffee manually.

Be sure to choose a jug with a goose neck to make it easier in the preparation of coffee. This tool will release the hot water into the coffee grounds slowly but evenly.

So here is a teapot recommendation goose neck what you can get.

gooseneck coffee
900 ml gooseneck coffee maker Kris

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4. Thermometer

To make coffee, you need the right temperature of hot water to produce a delicious taste.

It is better to use freshly boiled hot water than from a dispenser or thermos. However, you shouldn’t use boiling water directly to make coffee, ok?

The ideal temperature of hot water for making coffee is about 90°C. Therefore, you need a thermometer to measure the exact temperature of the water.

You can use a food thermometer with a label food quality to be more certain, like this.

Krischef digital food thermometer
Krischef digital food thermometer

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Weber Pocket Food Thermometer
Weber Pocket Food Thermometer

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5. Coffee filter tool (Coffee filter)

Of course, you don’t like to drink coffee that still has a lot of residue, right? Well, you can use a tool or coffee filter paper to keep the rage.

Usually, this card will be shaped like a cone and placed on the mouth of a glass or coffee cup. Try to wash it before using it, ok?

This is so that the elements inherent in the paper filter do not enter your coffee and spoil its taste. You can buy a coffee filter kit, like the one below.

Harioset 40 Pcs Coffee Filter Paper V60
Harioset 40 Pcs Coffee Filter Paper V60

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Hario V60 Coffee Filter Paper 40 Pcs Set 1-4 Cups
Hario V60 Coffee Filter Paper 40 Pcs Set 1-4 Cups

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What are the types of coffee?

There are many methods of making coffee and of course it requires different tools. Here are some coffee making methods and tools.

If you frequent it often coffeeof course he is no longer a stranger capable of with the term V60?

The V60 is a coffee brewing method pour over with an instrument equipped with a conical funnel and a handle.

Usually, this tool will be placed on the mouth of the cup and on top will be covered with coffee filter paper. So, here are recommendations for V60 products that you can use.

coffee machine V60
Asobu Pour Over Coffee Maker – Hitam

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Vietnamese coffee is one of the favorite coffees that many people like. Vietnamese coffee techniques are also very famous, ie drop of vietnam.

This coffee maker is shaped like a small glass in which there is a filter. This glass is placed in the mouth of the cup, then the coffee will be prepared inside. After that, kthe coffee will slowly drip into the cup.

To enjoy Vietnamese coffee, you can add sweetened condensed milk.

Vietnamese coffee maker
Krishome Vietnam Drip Filter – Silver

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This coffee is equipped with a container and filter piston. darling use French press quite simple. You just need to make coffee as usual in the existing container.

Then, let it rest for about 4 minutes. After that, you can press piston slowly so that the coffee is also pressed to the bottom of the container. Well, here is a tool French press that you can use.

French press coffee machine
Delicia 700 Ml Teko Kopi French Press

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For a more advanced version, you can try having pods coffee machine he is at home. You just need to connect to the electricity and press the button available to make coffee.

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pod coffee machine
Source: pexels.com

Also, you don’t need to do the measurements because this tool uses coffee capsules and there are automatic settings. Sophisticated and simpleright?

This tool fits for those of you who like to drink coffee, but don’t have much time to do it.

If you want a coffee machine like in coffeeyou can have coffee he is at home.

There are many types coffeeranging from simple to complete set-up, such as the products below.

How to use it coffee it’s not even difficult, you know. Be sure to follow the manual or manual book available when you buy it.

Klaz 750 Ml Coffee Maker 700 Watt – Hitam

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So, these are 5 coffee makers you should know about. For those of you who love coffee and want to learn how to make it, don’t forget these tools!

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