5 cheapest and fastest home remodeling services

5 cheapest and fastest home remodeling services

Illustration of a house moving service (Source: shutterstock)

Moving home is really an energy-draining activity, because there are many things you have to think about, not only packing things, but also preparing transport vehicles. If this is the story, you definitely need a home modification service that is ready to help, starting from helping you lift things or prepare a vehicle.

So, for those of you who intend to remodel your home, here are 5 of the best home remodeling services you can use.

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The cheapest house moving services

Go Box is an application-based home transfer service provider, this company is under the auspices of Gojek (PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa). Go Box can help you move your house, starting from providing a car (pick up, box to truck), to unpacking the things. Interestingly, the taxes paid by consumers include the costs for insurance.

Rate: Jakarta (Rp 157,000 – Rp 347,000) *

Telephone number: (021) 50849000

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Deliveree is one of the leading delivery companies in Indonesia, this company provides 25,000 delivery cars spread throughout Indonesia. Deliveree is also a home moving service that can help you get your belongings to a new home. There are also services offered by forwarders, namely picking up goods from home, transporting them to trucks, delivering the goods and unloading the goods.

Cost: Delivery fee depending on delivery distance, Rp. 35 thousand for the beginning and Rp. 5 km for the next km (especially for MPV cars).

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PT Mata Elang Indonesia (Metalindo) is a moving service company for houses, apartments, houses for rent to offices, Metalindo provides services. packaging, storage of goods and delivery. The size of the cars used to send goods also varies greatly, ranging from pick up until the truck.

Cost: It depends on the distance and the vehicle used.

Phone number : 085210102325

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If you are confused to find a vehicle that can help you move the house, The Loory could be the right choice. This company is a vehicle rental service that can be used to move houses, the sizes of rental cars are very different, ranging from pickup trucks, pickup boxes, ankle tubes, ankle boxes. Interestingly, when you order a vehicle, you can immediately calculate the estimated rental costs from their website or application.

Cost: Starting from 85 thousand IDR*.

Phone number: 081380063885

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Raja Moving is a professional moving service company. This company was founded in 2011 and is currently ready to serve house transfers in various regions in Indonesia. In addition to being able to serve house transfers, the moving kings also serve, store and packaging.

Rates: Jabodetabek area starting from 125 thousand IDR*.

Telephone number: (021) 7983555

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* Prices depend on distance and type of transport vehicle