5 characteristics of cats with worms, treat immediately before it’s too late!

5 characteristics of cats with worms, treat immediately before it’s too late!

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When you find out that your beloved cat has worms, it can certainly be an unpleasant experience.

Not only is the thought of worms scary (and disgusting), but it can also raise serious concerns for the health of your favorite cat.

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For this reason, we need to know the characteristics of a cat with worms so that your beloved pet can receive treatment immediately.

So how do cats get worms?

Cats most commonly contract worms after coming into contact with parasite eggs or infected feces.

It could be caused by a cat walking through an area with infected eggs or feces. This makes it more likely that the cat will ingest eggs or dirt particles, especially when cleaning its fur and paws.

In general, this condition is more likely to occur cat that often walks outside the room. Also, if several cats share the litter box. If the sand is contaminated with infected feces, it can cause worms in cats.

In addition, cats that live outside and like to hunt small rodents are also at greater risk of contracting worms. This is because the worms can live in the muscle tissue of their prey.

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If a cat accidentally eats a rodent infected with worm larvae, the worm infestation can occur in the cat’s body, especially when the larvae develop into adults in the cat’s intestines.

So, what are the types of worms in cats?

Here are some types of worms that can attack your beloved cat at home.

1. Red intestinal worms

source: commons.wikimedia.org

The most common intestinal parasites in cats of all ages worldwide. There are two types of black worms that are commonly experienced by cats, viz How much toxocara? and Toxascaris leonina.

Usually, cats are infected with these worms for two reasons. First, it could be that the cat eats dirty or contaminated food.

Second, if another animal eats the eggs, such as mice, it can be like a “passage”. Then, it can transmit the infection to cats, especially when cats eat mice or other intermediate animals, which are already infected.

While the cat infected with worms Toxocara cati, it usually passes through the mother’s milk to the kittens.

When a female is pregnant, cat larvae migrate to the cat’s nipples, then they can transfer to her kittens. This is because cats require special care.

2. Anchymatous

source: commons.wikimedia.org

This worm can cause damage to the intestinal lining in the cat’s body. These worms usually stick to the surface and can cause weight loss, bleeding and anemia.

In general, cats can become infected by accidentally ingesting (eating) their eggs, which are on an intermediate host.

In addition, cats can also become infected through the larvae they find when digging the soil. These worms will enter the cat’s body through the skin.

4. He held

The type of tapeworm that most often infects cats is Dipylidium canina and A ribbon in the form of a ribbon which is transmitted to the cat’s body through fleas.

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Well, usually immature flea larvae ingest worm eggs. Then, it can pass to the cat when it ingests an infected flea.

While the infected cat A ribbon in the form of a ribbonusually occurs when they eat small rodents (rats and mice).

Well, these rodents eat worm eggs from the environment where they live. That’s what finally moved to the cat’s body.

How that Characteristics of cat worms?

Here are some signs that indicate that a cat has intestinal worms.

1. Weight loss and bloated stomach

Usually, cats with worms still have a good appetite. However, if it loses weight, this could be a sign that the cat has intestinal worms.

In addition to weight loss, if your cat’s belly seems distended, then it’s time to go to the vet. Both of these characteristics can show symptoms of intestinal worms.

2. Coarse bristles worms in cats

Another symptom of worms in cats is a change in the condition of their fur. Their coat may be red and not as shiny as before. If this symptom is accompanied by a distended stomach, then this is a sign of a cat with worms.

characteristic of a sick cat
source: pxhere.com

3. The habit of defecation changes

If your cat has a sudden change in bowel habits, it may have intestinal worms. Instead, take your cat to the vet immediately for examination and treatment.

4. Visible traces of worms on cats

The next sign can be seen from the cat litter. If there are worms in the stool, either whole or only parts, they could be worms. In addition to this, you can also observe the area around his anus and in his bed.

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The size of the worm may vary. In general, roundworms can grow up to 10 cm and are usually white. You can see the shape of the worm, whether it is whole or just small white granules.

5. Cats with worms have unusual behavior

If your cat starts behaving strangely and out of the ordinary, then you should do more investigations. There are two things that can indicate the presence of worms, including:

  1. Cats with worms are often lethargic. They do not move energetically as usual, even less interested in pleasure.
  2. The cats began to drag themselves along the carpet. When cats drag their litters, this may be due to worms in their litters, which irritate them.

How to prevent worms in cats?

Before it’s too late, you need to get over a cat with worms. Otherwise, these worms can infect the body of children and adults.

One of the preventions you can do is to maintain better hygiene in cats. Be sure to clean the cat’s cage and toilet, and change the litter regularly.

This method can minimize exposure to feces contaminated with worm larvae, meanwhile, for cats that live outside, you can prevent this by regularly taking feces from the garden, sandbox and flowers.

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