5 Causes of abnormal TV colors when turned on. I must know!

5 Causes of abnormal TV colors when turned on. I must know!

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The damage to the television (TV) in the form of the emergence of some colors can be very disturbing. Go on, find out the causes of abnormal TV colors through the following reviews!

Property People, there are times when your TV has some unusual problems, such as the appearance of abnormal colors when it rotates.

Before actually replacing it, you must first know the cause of the abnormal TV color because it is not impossible that the repair can still be done, that’s it.

Usually, an abnormal TV color will change the color of the television to green, red, or even blue.

Causes of Abnormal Color TV

1. Interference with Color Transistors

because the TV color is not normal

In general, TVs consist of three dominant colors, namely red, green and blue (RGB) and there will be a mixture of other colors from these color combinations.

As you know, the white color on the TV screen is a combination of red, green and blue.

Meanwhile, color cyanit is a combination of green and blue.

Well, to control this color, the TV uses color transistors attached to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which is usually on the back of the TV tube.

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If there is damage to this part, it will lose a color or two.

Therefore, you must know which color transistor is damaged and needs to be replaced.

How to find a damaged color transistor by swapping between one transistor to another.

For example, change the blue transistor to red and replace the error color transistor later.

2. There is a problem with resistance

Resistance is one of the important components in an electronic device, including television.

This resistor has a colored band on its body and contains the value of a resistance.

The types of resistors are divided into two types, namely fixed resistors and variable resistors.

Resistor components will break easily if the resistor is stretched and exposed to high voltage.

This can be the cause of abnormal TV colors.

To fix this, you have to make changes to the limiting resistor according to its type and specifications.

3. Damage to Mainboard TV

TV main board broken

Experiencing deterioration of TV color or TV color that becomes abnormal? Try to check the section mainboard TV.

See the LVDS cable section on mainboard connected to control board.

You have to make sure that the antenna cables and other components are not loose and are installed in the right position.

When the cable is disconnected, reconnect it properly, then reset the FPCB from control board him driver board.

To note, also check the solder connection in the cable connector to the board.

Later, the TV will work fine again.

4. Damage to the Tube Socket or IC Extra

The cause of abnormal TV color can also be due to a damaged tube socket.

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This problem usually occurs if the TV you have is too old.

This is because the TV is often on continuously and the heat generated can damage the tube socket.

Because this tube socket serves to keep the color of the TV stable, you can replace it with a new socket.

Also, the tube section IC chroma is also prone to damage and you can see it in the output to check.

If you leave it alone, it is not impossible that the TV you have will lose the sound and also lose the picture.

5. Voltage drop

because the TV color is not normal

The voltage drop at the cathode can also be the cause of the abnormal TV color.

Usually, the TV becomes darker or is covered in a bright shade of black.

So, take measurements of each RGB cathode.

If under normal conditions, the number should be 75-125 VDC.

After that, you can proceed to check each component that is in line with the cathode unit.

Replace the components that have abnormal voltage so that the color of the TV will return to normal as before.

Check what to do if the color of the TV is abnormal

  • Check the existing pipe sockets because there may be some damage such as rust, mold, or disconnection
  • Check the soldering on the part related to the color setting, for example RGB cathode or IC additional
  • Re-welding on elongated component parts
  • Check the voltage and the voltage on the resistor or IC additional


It is the cause of abnormal TV colors, Property People.

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I hope the review is useful, yes.

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