5 Birthday gifts for children under 3 years old

5 Birthday gifts for children under 3 years old

kids birthday gift ideas

Birthday celebration is the happiest moment for everyone, especially children. The reason is, they can not wait for the birthday gifts to be received, either from their parents, relatives or friends.

That is why we cannot be arbitrary gifts for childrenespecially for those aged 3 and under.

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So, what are the recommendations for birthday gifts for children under 3 years old?

Well, if you are looking for a child’s birthday gift, consider our recommendations below.

1. Gifts of children’s games in the form of Play-Doh

Children’s games Play-Doh is a plasticine game that is complete with a mold. So, your child can be creative in the formation of plasticine as they want. You can buy this baby toythe price is 349 thousand IDR.

gift ideas for kids
Play Doh Children’s Toy Set Noodle Party E7776

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2. Doll toys

Next is a toy gift for girls. toy doll Sylvanian Families This already has a table, chairs, oven and other dining room equipment. You can buy it at the price of 499 thousand IDR.

gifts for children under 3 years old
Sylvanian Families Set Mainan Anak Dining Room Esfe53780

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3. Children’s birthday gifts in the form of Cars

If you want to buy a gift for a child, you can buy a toy car that they can ride. Besides being more fun, this toy can also train children’s motor nerves.

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Here are the tips for toy cars that you can buy for 549 thousand IDR.

child's birthday present
Dolu Racer Ride On Car 8040 – Red

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4. Birthday gifts Daughter My Little Pony

Type of game with character My Little Pony it was equipped with a palatial house. In addition to playing, your child can also make an additional decoration in the room. Did you can buy this quality toy for Rp 999 thousand.

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My Little Pony Friendship Castle Mainan Anak E9919

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5. Toy Cars

This toy car with rails is also a great gift for boys, who will learn how to put blocks together to form the correct path of the car, so the game can begin.

child's birthday present
Dolu Kids Toys Big Garage 5154

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Well, here are some recommendations for gifts that are suitable for children under 3 years old. You can get it from Toys Kingdom through the shopping site online www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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