5 Best and Useful Christmas Gift Ideas

5 Best and Useful Christmas Gift Ideas

Recommended games for Christmas gifts for children

Before Christmas, they usually prepare a lot of things, such as decorating the Christmas tree, delivering Christmas gifts, and much more. Well, this time, we have Christmas gift ideas for kids.

Launch whattoexpect.com, children aged 6-12 months usually begin to move actively and explore the surrounding area. That’s why it’s better give gifts that are useful for your child, such as toys that support their growth and development.

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Recommended Christmas gifts for children

Sometimes, choosing a gift for a child can be confusing. Don’t worry, we have prepared some of the best Christmas gift ideas for your reference.

1. Stacking Block Toys

This plastic toy can train the motor nerves of your child’s hands. In addition, your little one is also introduced to a variety of different colors and shapes when they want to install blocks. Afterwards Recommendations for stacking block toys that you can buy for IDR 139 thousand.

baby gift
Bkids Shape Sorting Stack Nest

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2. Child’s Christmas gifts Tunnel

Usually, babies of 6 months and older have started to crawl. Well, this Christmas gift is perfect for them. Toy tunnel You can buy this for 299 thousand IDR. In addition, this toy also saves space because it can be folded when not in use.

toy tips for kids
Moose Caterpillar play tunnel

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3. Set of toys Teether Unique

So that your child does not chew foreign objects carelessly, you can reward them teether unique The shape is similar to this doll, you can attach it to the wrists and feet of your little one, making it easier for him to play.

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You can get this unique game at a price of 399 thousand IDR.

baby teethers
Teether can be attached to the wrist Playgro-teether Jungle Friends Gift Pack

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4. Children’s Christmas gifts in the form of a Toy Piano

This piano toy can train hearing and sharpen children’s intelligence. When the keys are pressed, the piano can make a sound like a real piano and an animal sound. In addition, colorful keys can also teach your little one about numbers and shapes.

You can buy this recommended baby toy at the price of 423 thousand IDR.

toys for children
Fisher Price Piano Laugh N Learn Fyk56

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5. Ball Pool Toys

You can also give a Christmas gift in the form of a dancing pool game. This game It also has the addition of a pull button, where the ball comes out when pressed. This type of game can train the agility of the hands and feet, as well as the coordination of the child’s eyes.

You can buy a dance pool game for 599 thousand IDR.

child's Christmas present
Underwater moose ball pool

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Well, here are some tips for toys for children that are suitable to make as Christmas gifts. All the above products are available at Kingdom of toys which you can buy throughruparupa.com.

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