5 Benefits of natural lighting at home

5 Benefits of natural lighting at home

In fact, there are many advantages of natural lighting at home. Really? It is said that a house is perfect if it provides comfort for its residents. There are many influencing factors, one of which is in terms of lighting.

With the lighting, it will affect the productivity level of the residents. Imagine, if the house is not exposed to natural light from the outside, the house feels stuffy, which is not good for health.

It is said that the human body needs exposure to light at the right intensity and time. This natural lighting can be obtained from the sun. One way to get it is to put the opening or window in the right place.

Here are some of the benefits of natural lighting at home:

Some benefits of natural lighting at home

1. Make the house look more spacious

The first benefit of natural lighting is that it makes the house appear larger. Natural light from the sun will enter through the opening to illuminate dark corners to make the room feel more spacious. So, even if your home is not that spacious, exposure to natural light can make it more spacious and comfortable.

The benefits of natural lighting are many for your home

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2. Brightens the original color of the furniture

The entry of natural light will brighten the original color of the furniture, walls and decorations in the house. A dark room or less exposure to sunlight will make the walls and furniture appear duller. In addition, natural light will also make items that have colors feel more alive, so the room looks more attractive.

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3. Improve health

The next benefit, exposure to natural light in the house is good for the health of its residents. The entry of the sun, can reduce the humidity in the room. A damp room is usually a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that can threaten health. In addition, sunlight is also good for maintaining the body’s immune system.

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4. Save energy and cost

Using natural light in the home can save energy and electricity. Using natural lighting, the cost of using electricity from artificial light such as lamps will also be reduced.

5. Improve mood

Finally, natural light can improve mood or mood master of the house Have you ever felt unmotivated to do activities when you were at home? This can happen because your house is not exposed to the sun. The natural light that enters the house is believed to be able to improve mood to make residents more enthusiastic in their activities.

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