5 Beautiful and Aesthetic Designs of High Terrace House

5 Beautiful and Aesthetic Designs of High Terrace House

High terrace house design

Do you want to have a house with a high terrace but are confused about which design to apply? Go, see the inspiration for high terrace house designs in this article!

Since ancient times, many house designs have been made with a floor elevation higher than the floor level. This is to minimize the risk of rainwater or flooding entering the area of ​​the house. As with dust and dirt from the ground, it is hoped that it does not easily enter the house.

To present a high terrace, usually many owners make stairs in front of the house.

In addition to making mobility easier, stairs can also add aesthetic value to the exterior, here we go.

How about this, are the Owners also interested in making a high terrace at home?

In relation to this, now www.lacrymosemedia.com has presented various inspirations for high terrace house designs that you can see in the description below.

5 High Terrace House Design Inspirations

1. Beautiful High Terrace Design

High terrace house design

source: instagram/designrumah_info

To make a high terrace, it is usually necessary to raise the level of the floor of the house by 30-45 cm.

This dimension can be made in several minimalistic steps, like the picture above.

The above inspiration makes each step use a ceramic plinth that matches the terrace floors.

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The horizontal line of the stairs is also covered with ceramic parallel to the black color to create a contrast.

2. House terrace from Natural Rock

High terrace house design

source: pinterest.com/karlyngedrose

Although some say that the use of natural stone floors is very risky, in fact, these materials can be used if they are done properly. cook

Like the design of the high terrace house above, you can use brown natural stone with a rough surface, so it is safer to walk on.

3. Terrace with Classic Wooden Staircase

High terrace house design

source: jennasuedesign.com

This high terrace design can be applied to large houses so that they look clean and aesthetic.

You can use brown wood material railing stairs, then brick and concrete painted white for the walls.

Like the example above, you don’t need to use handrails on the stairs if you have a wide terrace.

Even if it is passed, this type of ladder is not dangerous even if it is not equipped with a passage.

4. High terrace with ceramic motifs

High terrace house design

source: instagram.com/@tamanrumahmungil

Do you want to make your house different from other houses?

Use ceramic material with interesting patterns on the steps on the terrace of the house.

In addition to making the terrace more beautiful, the patterns on the ceramic can also give a nice impression splash of color on the heart.

This terrace ladder is suitable for use on terraces with shades vintage character, here we go.

5. High Terrace Full of Plants

High terrace house design

source: instagram.com/@rizkasari

This staircase is covered with large ceramic so that it makes the staircase more attractive.

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Considering its large size and made of quality ceramics, the tiles on this staircase do not look too showy and make the room more beautiful.

The thing that makes this staircase more unique compared to other stairs is the use of natural stone on the bottom step.

The use of natural stone makes the terrace look more natural and beautiful.


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