5 Bathroom Tile Patterns, Make Non-Slip Floors!

5 Bathroom Tile Patterns, Make Non-Slip Floors!

Looking for references to types of wet bathroom tiles? Go, find some of the choices in this article!

Perhaps there are also many people who do not know that the bathroom tiles are different from the other tiles in the room.

The floor of the bathroom usually uses types and thick patterns, so they are not slippers when you step on them.

nah Bathrooms can also be distinguished again according to the type of bathroom.

In the world of home interior design, it is now known that there are two types of bathrooms, namely wet bathrooms and dry bathrooms.

This time, www.lacrymosemedia.com will discuss the wet bathroom tiles, starting from the model to how to clean.

However, before going into the examples of wet bathroom tiles, it is a good idea to know the meaning of a wet bathroom first.

Go ahead, see the following explanation!

What is a wet bath?

Wet baths are the most common type of bath found in Indonesia and other Asian countries.

As the name implies, a wet bathroom is always wet because it is exposed to splashes of water from the bathtub, the water tap and the toilet.

One of the characteristics of a wet bathroom is a wet room, close to a water source, and has a squat toilet.

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Even so, a bath with a shower and a squat bath can also be called a wet bath.

This happens if there is no separation between the bathroom area and the toilet area.

After knowing the definition of a wet bathroom, you can already determine the ceramic model that will be used.

5 Bathroom Ceramic

1. Bathroom Floor Ceramics with Flower Motifs

ceramic flower bathroom floor

Source: Pinterest/dekorrumah.net

This bathroom ceramic with floral motifs has an embossed texture.

Thanks to this texture, the occupants of the house can avoid the danger of slipping.

In addition, the floral motifs make the bathroom more aesthetic.

2. Bathroom Floor Ceramic Made from Natural Stone

Natural stone bathroom tiles

Natural stone motifs are the choice because of their aesthetic appearance.

This type of ceramic has the advantage of not being easily damaged and non-slip.

However, you should clean it regularly so that it does not wear out quickly.

3. Hexagonal Motif Bathroom Floor Tiles

hexagonal bathroom tiles

Source: Tokopedia.com

The use of hexagonal mold ceramics has a rough texture.

This reason is still rarely used for the bathroom area.

Although the design looks interesting.

4. Bathroom Floors Made of Wood

Bathroom tiles with wood motifs

Source: flokq.com

Your home is stylish rustic?

You can choose a wooden bathroom floor.

The use of ceramic is not dirty, anti-slippery, and easy to clean.

5. Ceramic granite bathroom countertop

granite bathroom tiles

Source: www.lacrymosemedia.com

Do you want to see the impression of luxury and elegance?

You can use non-slip granite bathroom tiles.

The disadvantage of using this element is that the material is relatively expensive.

How to clean wet bathroom floors

The floor of the bathroom must be cleaned regularly so that it does not become a nest of germs.

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There are many ways that can be used to clean the bathroom.

First, use vinegar to clean the bathroom. Vinegar can clean the crust that sticks to the tiles.

Second, clean the bathroom floor with chlorine. This material is effective in removing the soil so that the moss does not stick easily.

Finally, you can clean the bathroom floor with a special cleaner for the bathroom. This cleaner can clean the floor and avoid moss.


These are several models of wet bathroom tiles with how to clean them.

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