5 Attractive Outdoor Laundry Designs

5 Attractive Outdoor Laundry Designs

Outdoor laundry design
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Laundry room design options out of.

Many people are used to washing and drying clothes outside the house. This is because, in addition to not contaminating the interior of the house, but also to speed up the drying process of the clothes.

However, see space to wash and dry clothes outside the house feels disturbing to the eye, especially if it is placed carelessly. Therefore, it is important for you to build sink design out of interesting

What kind of designs can you use? Check out the explanations and photos below:

Use Small Places

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Laundry design out of The first is for the size of the house which is not too big. Usually because of this, the place for washing and drying is smaller. Looking at the example above, the basin is in a small place under the water tank.

Although it is small, but still comfortable. Seen by space for washing and drying back and forth that is wide enough, the electricity is adequate, the lighting is adequate, a washing water disposal area is also available, and also attractive decorations.

Draft rustic

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For those of you who have a concept home rustic, The laundry room should also use the same concept. Usually, this concept is identical to a wall that uses subway tiles so it looks like the wall is not finished yet.

Now about the design of the laundry room out of stylish rustic, You can combine it with minimalistic color designs like black, white and gray. Also add the words “laundry” so that the laundry becomes more aesthetic.

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Laundry Design Outdoors Minimalist

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A minimalist laundry room is the most popular concept for many people. This is because this room looks wider and cooler. To support this concept, use paint colors such as white or gray. So also use wood elements in some parts, such as floors and decorations. Don’t forget to also add plants in the corner of the laundry room.

Laundry for the home Japandi

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Seeing that the Japanese style is increasingly used in home projects for sale, you can also apply it to the laundry room. Japandi is synonymous with wooden elements, so you can use it as a door to open and close a washing machine. Also add wood elements elsewhere. To keep them cooler, put some plants near the washing machine.

Laundry design Outdoors Multifunction

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The latest design is also designed for those of you who have a house that is not too big. In addition to taking advantage of the small space, you can also combine the laundry out of with another room.

For example, like the picture above. The washing place is combined with the dining table out of like the sink. With decorations in the form of plants, even if they are small, they still look cool. Also, use furniture that is not too big.

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