5 Advantages of bar tables that look modern and minimalist

5 Advantages of bar tables that look modern and minimalist

When in modern restaurants and cafes, perhaps we often see high tables. Well, this is what is called a bar table. Different from ordinary tables, bar tables usually have a height of 120 cm.

Due to their modern and minimalist shape, bar tables are also popular as coffee equipment and home furniture.

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In addition, you can put a bar table anywhere, from kitchen, dining room, at the corner of the house. However, you have to use it bar chair which is higher than a normal chair to feel comfortable.

So, what are the advantages of a bar table?

If you are interested in using a bar table, here are the advantages you should know.

1. Space Saving Bar Table

Usually, the length of the bar table is only 100-150 cm with a width of 60-70 cm. Because the size is not too big, this bar table is suitable for those of you who have a minimalist home.

2. Bar Tables are versatile

In addition to enjoying snacks, you can also use the bar for various purposes, such as studying, working and reading books.

In addition, this bar table can also be an additional table for cutting and preparing food.

multifunctional bar table
Use the bar counter for a variety of purposes, from work to food preparation.

3. It can be a storage place

Different types of bar tables are now equipped with shelves and drawers to store kitchen utensils and cutlery. In this way, the house will be more orderly because there are no scattered articles.

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4. Can be used as a room divider

In addition to its main function as a table, you can also use a bar table as a divider in an open space.

For example, you have a kitchen and a living room that are together. Well, you can separate it into two rooms using a bar table.

5. It has many models and designs

There are many models of bar tables that you can adjust to the theme of the room. If you want to bring an industrial feel to the room, you can use a brown and black metal bar table.

In any case, if you want to make a room with a Japanese feeling, you can use tables and bar chair of light brown wood, like the inspiration below.

wooden bar table
Japandi style bar tables give a natural impression to homes and cafes.

These are the various advantages of a bar table. To find many models of your favorite bar table, you can visit directly www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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We also have a number of bar table tips that you can use, as follows.

industrial bar table
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A bar table with a modern and industrial design equipped with level shelves.

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neo melville bar table
Neo Melville Bar Table – Chocolate
A minimalist bar table with wood accents gives it a classic feel.

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brown bar counter
Chara Table Bar – Chocolate
A modern minimalist bar table is suitable to complement bars and cafes.

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black bar table
Newbury Bar Table – Black
Modern style bar table with shelves for bar equipment storage.

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