4 Ways to Use a Toaster for Beginners

4 Ways to Use a Toaster for Beginners

how to use a toaster

Bread is a food made from flour dough that we often make as breakfast or as a substitute for rice. To make it more delicious, we can process it with bread on a hot pan or with a toaster toaster.

In addition to saving time, this tool is also suitable if you like the texture of crispy bread. You can also cook other types of flour dough, for example waffle and bread bagel.

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So, what should be considered when using a toaster?

However, not all toasters work the same way. Plus, kind toaster very different, starting from the toaster sandwichoven, besides the form pop up which has a different design.

How to use the trigger tool is also different. However, usually a model toaster pop up used more often. See, this tool is a bit more practical and has a modern design.

The most important thing is to make sure that there is enough electricity in the house to use it toaster which consumes a large enough watts of power. In addition to this, you can also choose the color of the grill that matches the theme of the kitchen so that it always looks aesthetic.

type of toaster
Ariete Toaster 2 Slice Vintage – Hijau

How to use a model toaster Pop up?

Therefore, in order not to get confused, consider several ways to use the toaster that we have summarized below.

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1. Put the Bread in the Grill

how to use a toaster
Memoo Toaster 2 Slice 700w – Kuning

Only 260 thousand IDR

You can immediately insert the baking tray into the grill slot once the cable is connected to the outlet. In general, there are two grill slots, but you can only put the bread in one of them.

The most important thing is to make sure not to spread jam or butter on the bread. You see, this can damage the internal components of the toaster and trigger an explosion.

3. Determine the Grill Temperature Level

how to use a toaster
Kels Harwin Toaster – White

Only 350 thousand IDR

Usually, toaster model pop up it has several temperature control buttons. This all depends on the level of heat and toast you want to achieve.

To produce a toast texture that is not too crispy, you can set it to a temperature level of 1 or 2.

However, if you want the bread to produce a perfect brown color, you can increase the temperature to 4-5.

4. Turn on the Grill

Toaster recommendation
Kels Harbey Toaster – Black

Only 350 thousand IDR

After setting the temperature, you can start the process of baking the bread. The trick is to press the available lever down until the bread enters the grill slot completely.

Just wait for it to finish. Do not worry, this process does not take much time, so it is suitable for you to use when you are in a hurry to prepare breakfast. Very practical, right?

5. Pick up Bread from Toaster

how to use toasters
Kels Hayden 870 Watt Toaster – Pink

Only 290 thousand IDR

After that the bread rises by itself from the model toaster pop up, a sign that the bread is ready. Then, you can serve it on a nice plate and spread it with jam according to your taste.

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Don’t worry, you can press on release button if the bread feels overcooked.

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After hearing how to use the toaster above, of course, some of you want to practice immediately. In any case, the practicality of making a delicious toast is also affected toaster what we use, you know.

So, this time, we have recommendations for quality toasters with attractive designs, as follows.

sandwich toaster
Sandwich Maker Kels Avery – Hitam

Only 240 thousand IDR

Toaster Electrolux E2ts1-100w

Only 470 thousand IDR

toaster function
Toaster oven Kris 30 Ltr – white

Only 740 thousand IDR

Kels Heaton Double Toaster – Green

Only Rp.990 thousand

Here are some guides on how to use a toaster with tips that you can get through shopping sites online variety

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