4 Ways to store Pete so it lasts and stays hard. It’s Easy!

4 Ways to store Pete so it lasts and stays hard. It’s Easy!

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Bisi keeps the quality of petai at home for up to a year, here is a complete review of how to store petai so that it lasts that you must understand!

Petai is one of the favorite foods of most Indonesians.

Usually, this food ingredient will be mixed into the chili sauce fried liver or fried rice.

However, there are also those who choose to eat it directly without being processed at all.

Unfortunately, sometimes the quality of the petai can decrease if you save incorrectly.

Because of that, you must learn to look after petai so that it lasts, here’s Proprietà People!

4 Ways to Store Pete so it lasts

1. Peel the Petai to be saved

how to store petai so hard

First, start peeling all the petai vegetables that you save one by one.

In any case, make sure that the petai comes out intact and not split in two.

If you are worried about making the wrong cut, you can press it on the petai board to make it easier to remove.

Collect the peeled bananas in a large bowl and discard the peels that you have separated.

2. Do the Whitening technique

the technique of storing petai to make it last longer

Source: youtube.com/Home Cooking with Somjit

The next way to store petai so that it lasts is to use the blanching technique to maintain its durability.

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Blanching is a heating technique with temperatures in the range of 70-100 degrees Celsius before freezing, drying and packaging.

This technique is ideal for maintaining the quality of vegetables, meat and fruit that will keep you for a long time.

So, to blanch the petai, you have to boil the water first.

Then, pour the water in the container that contains the petai and leave it for about 10 minutes.

The petai will look slightly wilted, but not too soft, as this process happens quickly.

After that, squeeze the petai and transfer it to a container full of cold water and ice cubes to stop the cooking process.

Leave it again for 3-5 minutes, then drain until the water is completely dry.

You can use a paper towel to speed up the drying process if you are impatient.

3. Enter in Zipper bag

how to store petai so hard

When the petai is completely dry, prepare some fruits zipper bag or small plastic clips.

Then, separate the petai into several portions according to your needs and put them in plastic.

Make sure that the clip on the top of the plastic can be closed tightly so that air does not enter it.

Another option, you can use the vacuum technique to pack the petai.

In this way, the air in the plastic can really be completely absorbed.

4. Put in the refrigerator

store vegetables in the refrigerator

The last way to store petai so that it lasts is to put it in the refrigerator.

There are two options available, store on the top cooling rack or above freezer.

You can adjust the options according to your needs or meal plan at home.

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If you want to keep it for a year, keep it in the area freezer.

Meanwhile, if the petai must be processed within 1-2 months, a cooling rack is ideal.

When you have to consume, you just need to remove the petai from the refrigerator and keep it at room temperature for 5-10 minutes.

Tips for choosing fresh Petai

How to store petai so that it lasts the right way

In addition to understanding how to store bananas so that they last, it is important to know how to differentiate fresh bananas on the market.

There are two things that you can examine, namely the skin and the seeds of petai.

Look for petai with bright green skin without any black spots on the surface.

The reason is, the black dots indicate that the seeds of petai have started to rot because of the caterpillars.

Fresh petals are also usually covered by a thick skin that is not perforated.

If there are holes, this indicates that the quality has decreased due to plant pest attacks.

Meanwhile, as for the seeds, choose those that are round and full.

Also, the texture of young petai is usually a little softer than old petai.


That is complete information on how to store petai so hard that you can try, Property People.

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