4 Ways to reset Wifi IndiHome in the last 2022 houses of various types

4 Ways to reset Wifi IndiHome in the last 2022 houses of various types

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Internet at home is often problematic? Find out how to reset the IndiHome wifi in the latest 2022 homes of the following types.

Internet is one of the important needs at home. Starting from the needs of entertainment, communication, school, to work.

Therefore, internet installation services are increasingly in demand. Including IndiHome wifi which provides wifi access at home.

Unfortunately, routine use for almost 24 hours often makes modems or router have problems, such as slow IndiHome network or no internet.

Well, the easiest step that can be done at home is to use itreset the internet modem.

Launching from different sources, here is how to reset the modem ZTE, Huawei and many other types.

3 ways to reset Indihome Wifi at home

How to install a broken Internet modem is different from the way reset the password IndiHome wifi.

The reason is, if only mereset password you can try the method starts again IndiHome wifi only for mobile or web.

Meanwhile, to install the modem, you have to deal directly with the Internet connection device to the device, namely: router or modem.

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Some of the ways you can do this are as follows.

1. How to reset Wifi IndiHome by pressing the Power button

indihome power button

Source: oolean.id

The first way you can do it at home if the Internet has problems is to press the button power on the back router.

This step is also a simple step that is usually done by home Internet service providers.

The steps that can be taken are the following:

  • Press the button power on/off on the router until it dies.
  • To leave router off for about five minutes.
  • If so, come back router and check the indicator light.
  • Please check the internet speed on the connected device.
  • If the Internet still has problems or the IndiHome network is slow, try repeating this method several times.

2. Press the small button on the Router

how to reset indihome wifi by pressing the small hole of the router

Source: Jalantikus.com

If you are confused about how restart the WiFi router? then the answer can be by pressing the small button on the router.

Usually this small hole is on the back of the device router next to the button power on/off.

The steps you can take for this method are as follows:

  • Press the button in the small hole with a tool like a toothpick for 3-5 seconds.
  • Allow a few moments until the Internet modem turns off.
  • Then, wait a few moments for the modem to turn on again.
  • If so, allow a few moments until the modem resets.
  • You can check for about 5-10 minutes on an internet device to check that the network is stable.
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3. Reset the Media IP address

how to reset wifi with ip address

Source: mangaadmin.blogspot.com

The next way that can be done at home is to usereset via address IP address.

You can access this section on the official page and find out username such as passwordshe

Also, you can also check the back router to see part username such as password.

However, make sure that the part is not replaced orreset private because usually the officers need this data for other disturbances.

As for the roadreset Wi-Fi con IP address are the following:

  • Open an Internet browser and enter the IP address of the modem, which is or
  • So, enter username and password that you already know.
  • Then you can choose “reboot” to do it reset normal and “reset to default” to restore wifi false at first

4. Contact the Call Center

If the above three steps can’t make your internet network back to normal.

So the easiest way to do it is to contact the wifi official directly.

You can contact the call center first and complain about your problem.

The steps are:

  • Call the Telkom complaint number or IndiHome call center via the number 147.
  • Complain about your problem and describe the experiments that were done.
  • The officer will ask for an address and make sure your phone number is active.
  • If it can be repaired with the system, in 30 minutes the network will be stable again.
  • But if that doesn’t work, an officer will be sent to your address.
  • Next, you have to communicate with the field officer to fix the problem.
  • Usually the officers come within 24 hours.
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IndiHome Modem Reset Purpose

If you are wondering what happens if the WiFi is reset? So the answer is that the internet can return to normal and stable.

It is because this method is usually done when there is interference with the internet at home that varies from slow to no internet.

So, how to solve IndiHome without internet? You can follow the steps described above.

If these steps do not work, we recommend contacting you call center IndiHome and discuss your problems.

How long does it take to reset IndiHome?

The time it takes to reset the IndiHome wifi varies depending on the method used.

As for the time to reset the wifi by pressing the small button router about 5-10 seconds until power LED flashes.

As for the button power just about 5 seconds press the button off then returned.


This is how to reset the latest IndiHome wifi at home and different types. Hope useful, yes.

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