4 Ways to make the terraces of industrial houses more comfortable

4 Ways to make the terraces of industrial houses more comfortable

industrial house terrace

The theme of the industrial house never fails to amaze many people. Although it seems simple, this style can still be seen stylish. In addition to the interior of the house, you can also easily present a terrace in industrial style.

The sign of an industrial terrace is usually the use of furniture made of metal and is also synonymous with monochrome colors. This is what creates a luxurious impression on the outside of the house.

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Of course, beautiful part out of or the terrace of the house can also be done Relaxing time with the family becomes more comfortable. Relax, you only need to use a few I prepared the terrace right.

So, how to make a terrace at home?

In order not to be confused anymore, consider some of the guidelines that we have prepared to create a terrace with the following beautiful industrial theme.

1. Add Big Greenery

In addition to the beauty of the residence, the presence of green plants can make the terrace beautiful and fresh. You can choose ornamental plants like aglaonema that looks nice.

Place the plant in a corner or next to the patio door to make it look warmer.

industrial house terrace
Aglaonema Commutatum Artificial Plant 35 Cm – Green

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arrange the terrace of the house
Kris Garden 35 Cm Artificial Plant Aglaonema Maria

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2. Use Industrial Style Furniture

Industrial style homes are synonymous with dark metal furniture made of iron. However, you can still use it furniture wood to make the room livelier.

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The most important thing guThe patio tables and chairs are made of quality iron material, so they won’t rust easily.

terrace chair
Soleil Acapulco Patio Table & Chair Set – Black

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3. Add the Decoration Vibrant

This industrial style, which is synonymous with the theme of a contemporary home, does not always have to be gray, black or white. You can also use colors that look bold and assertive, such as red, yellow and orange.

Add hanging flower decorations with these bright colors. In addition to this, you can also paint the walls of the terrace with a similar color.

hanging ornamental plants
Arthome 38 Cm Artificial Hanging Succulent Plant

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industrial house terrace
Arthome Hanging Pansy Artificial Plant

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4. Use Lantern Model Garden Lights

industrial patio garden lights
Source: unsplash.com

Agar heart looks beautiful and remains bright at night, you can install a garden lamp with a lantern model. You can put this classic lamp design near the wall of the courtyard of the house to make it look minimalist.

garden lamp models
Eglo Laterna-iv Lampu Taman – Hitam

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types of garden lights
Eglare Kobe Midway Garden Lamp – Black

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So, there are many ways to make an industrial terrace that you can do to beautify your home.

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